Baby Boom For Michael Kay

Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay is going to be a father. His wife Jodi Applegate broke the news on her husband’s radio show that she is en ceinte with the couple’s first child, a girl, due in January.

There’s a little one in the on deck circle of Michael Kay’s family.

The New York Yankees play-by-play broadcaster on YES Network who moonlights as a talk show host on WEPN/”ESPN 98.7″ in New York welcomed a special guest on his afternoon drive radio broadcast on Tuesday afternoon – with some special news.

Jodi Applegate, the anchor of the 10 PM newscast on WPIX/New York who married Kay in February 2011, revealed that she’s expecting.

“Got a little baby ready to join us in January,” Applegate said during a “game” Kay and his radio cohort, Don LaGreca, played quizzing the males on who knows Applegate best. Hear the audio of the segment here.

“We kind of kept it quiet for a long time,” Applegate told listeners. “But now it can be told. We can’t wait.”

The gender of the child was confirmed to be a girl later in the show.

And yes, he’ll be ecstatic even if his child grows up to be a Mets fan.”

“I don’t care what team my kid roots for,” Kay said.

Congratulations to Michael and Jodi on their new arrival.

“I couldn’t have done it without you,” Jodi Applegate told her husband.

To which Michael Kay replied: “Literally.”

We can only hope his attention to his own kid will be completely different to the attention he gave a kid on Twitter not too long ago.

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