The Torg Hits The Fan In Cleveland

Former Columbus sports radio host Scott Torgerson has resurfaced in Cleveland as a part-time personality on 92.3 The Fan. But it looks like he still won’t let go of his hard feelings following his dismissal at 97.1 The Fan, where he co-hosted a top-rated afternoon drive show.

After sending a wish via Twitter for ESPN analyst Desmond Howard to “die or get fired” for the ultimate enjoyment of “College GameDay” led to his eventual termination as afternoon drive co-host on WBNS-FM/97.1 The Fan in Columbus, nobody wanted to touch Scott Torgerson.

It only took all of four weeks – and in another part of Ohio – to find a new radio gig, albeit temporarily.

“I am now a CBS employee at 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland,” wrote The Torg on his blog. While it’s only “part time,” he vows to “kick so much ass that the PD will have to find a spot for me.”

Hard to tell how much proverbial ass he could kick on Thanksgiving weekend, when regular radio listening habits might be affected. His first duties at WKRK-FM were a preview of that weekend’s Ohio State-Michigan game on the afternoon drive “Bull & Fox” show – the way it’s written on Torg’s blog (“2-7 pm”) might lead people to believe he was actually filling in for one of the hosts, but per audio on the 92.3 The Fan website, Torgerson “joined” the regular hosts to talk about the game, which the Buckeyes won on the strength of four Drew Basil field goals – and hosting a live call-in show immediately following the game on Saturday.

Also, a post on The Fan’s Facebook page on Tuesday officially welcoming The Torg had originally announced co-hosting duties with the station’s nighttime personality, Ken Carman.

So, why Cleveland? “I feel the city is a good fit for me, since we talked so much Cleveland sports” on the old “Common Man And The Torg” program. He also explained that while he still does “love all the folks in C-Bus,” a no-compete clause in his contract with WBNS-FM’s owner, Dispatch Media Group, which forbids him to work at a rival radio station in the Columbus market for a certain period of time following his exit at 97.1 The Fan, makes it next to impossible for Torgerson to resume kicking so much ass on the radio so soon.

And don’t forget, he has a wife with a medical condition and three children to support.

Torgerson promised future appearances on the station in the month of December, no doubt some more vacation relief shifts.

In thanking WKRK-FM program director Andy Roth for the opportunity, Torgerson said he was “so happy to be on the air again”.

But it now appears that 92.3 The Fan has their own Tim Tebow situation on their hands, in that they’ll have a polarizing figure that will rarely be used, and all the while, maintaining that his “ultimate goal” would be a new full-time position on sports radio, be it in Cleveland or Columbus.

And it appears he still won’t live down the fateful tweet that only numbered his days as co-host of the self-proclaimed “second-highest ranked sports talk show in the country.” On Saturday afternoon, as he was on the air at 92.3 The Fan during the OSU postgame show, he retweeted and responded to a listener who brought to his attention a similar predicament involving Gary Bettman, the commissioner of the currently locked-out National Hockey League.

“Heard someone tweeted they wanted the NHL commish dead,” wrote high school football coach Matt Finkes. “[Torg], not you, right?”

Replied Torgerson: “No. But I wonder if he will be ripped like I was.”

Easy, Torg. You barely have a full toe in the door of your next broadcasting employer, and you’re still obsessed with how the success at your last radio gig came to an abrupt end.

Isn’t it enough that your beloved Ohio State Buckeyes beat the hated Michigan Wolverines, for which Desmond Howard played for?

I guess not, if you’re going to tweet that nonsense after the game.

While you’re on the air, no less.

One comment on “The Torg Hits The Fan In Cleveland

  1. Adam says:

    Glad the Torg is back!!! Miss him in Cbus…you all are lucky to have him in Cleveland. Good Luck, Torg!!!

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