Frank Isola Wants To See "Thick" Women At "12/12/12 Concert"

A tweet sent by Frank Isola, Knicks beat reporter for the New York Daily News, from the “12/12/12 Concert” at Madison Square Garden may have been reminiscent of an infamous comment made by Don Imus.

I’m sure as you were watching the “12/12/12 Concert For Sandy Relief” (and how could you avoid it, it was on dozens of channels), you were also plugged into social networking to gauge the reaction of others in your circle that were watching the show.

And in many a big event, there’s usually going to be at least one person on Twitter that might take things a bit out of hand.

Some of the most biting commentary on the concert came from New York Daily News basketball columnist Frank Isola, who at times appears on TNT and NBA TV as well as the regional sports network SNY.

The cause of the concert aside – benefit for victims of Hurricane Sandy – such big events were made for being criticized on Twitter.

But one of the tweets I read from Isola, who actually attended the concert in person, may have been a little over the line.

I’m not talking about the one where he observed that “this crowd is whiter than a Rangers game.” (He followed that up with a belief that “some of the concert proceeds should go to teaching everyone in the audience some rhythm” – which likely explains the previous tweet.)

It’s a tweet that he posted just after a Bruce Springsteen set (with special guest, fellow New Jersey native Jon Bon Jovi) at the event had wrapped up: “Let’s get a real New Jersey legend on the stage: J.R. Smith. Can you imagine how hot (and thick) his backup singers and dancers would be. Wow.”

Isola, of course, is referring to J.R. Smith, the guard on the New York Knicks team that he covers for the Daily News.

The same J.R. Smith that tweeted a photo of a female companion’s rear end during a hotel stay this past spring – and was subsequently fined for it by NBA commissioner David Stern.

It’s one thing if you’re going to make a reference to that little affair.

But if you’re using a term like “thick” – a term commonly used in the African-American community – to describe women, that’s when you start playing with fire.

Need I remind anyone what happened before the dawning of Twitter, when Don Imus described female basketball players – mostly African-American – during the national championship game between the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and the Tennessee Lady Volunteers in the NCAA Women’s Final Four as “nappy headed hos”?

While Imus had a visual to work with, it’s clear to see which direction Isola is going, especially if you factor in Smith and his “booty photo”.

Of course, Imus ended up being fired from WFAN/Westwood One and MSNBC, but he eventually landed a new radio/TV gig with Cumulus Media (nee ABC Radio/Citadel) and Fox Business Network. And just this week, Cumulus extended their contract with the I-Man.

Isola might have some explaining to do. It may not take a beer summit to fix it.

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