Hannah Will Take Rose Parade By Storm After Recovering From Gas Grill Gaffe (UPDATE: PHOTOS)

Hannah Storm will make her triumphant return to broadcasting as hostess of ABC’s Tournament of Roses Parade after suffering first- and second-degree burns, causing her absence from ESPN’s “SportsCenter”. (Pictured: Hannah Storm, Bob Ley.)

If you’ve been wondering why Hannah Storm has been missing from ESPN’s airwaves or hasn’t tweeted for the last few weeks, well, here’s why.

She suffered first- and second-degree burns to her face, neck, chest and both of her hands and lost half of her hair as well as her eyelashes and eyebrows after an incident involving a propane gas grill on December 11.

Exactly three weeks since that ordeal, Storm, who had to be treated at a burn center not too far from her Connecticut home, will make her return to the air as hostess of ABC’s coverage of the Tournament of Roses Parade.

“I’ve covered events with military members who have been through a lot worse than me, and they’ve come through,” commented Storm, adding, “I can do this. I’m fortunate.”

She even said as much on Twitter, noting today that she’s “especially thankful this New Year’s.”

I’m sure everybody is looking forward to the return of Hannah Storm on New Year’s Day.

Even Tony Kornheiser.

UPDATE, 1.2.13: So if you’re a well-known television personality who happens to be on the wrong end of a gas grill explosion, what’s the next logical step? Do a news item on it, of course, with exclusive photos of Hannah, post-burn:

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