Jay Cutler Found Out Live On The Air That Lovie Smith Was Fired

This was the scene as Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler learned that head coach Lovie Smith will not be returning to the team.

With as many as a dozen head coaches potentially losing their jobs on the “Black Monday” following the 2012-13 season, it’s obvious that nobody’s job was safe.

Especially Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith.

Despite finishing with a 10-6 record, one that started 7-1, merely missing the playoffs claimed to be the dagger for Smith’s nine-year tenure on the Bears’ sidelines.

The timing of the announcement of the Bears parting ways with Smith couldn’t have come at a worse time for Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. He learned of his coach’s fate right as he was on the air during a live appearance with WMVP/”ESPN 1000″ midday hosts Marc Silverman and former Bears wideout Tom Waddle, who also appears on NFL Network as well as the “Pro Football Weekly” TV series, which is filmed in Chicago.

Cutler was described as being “choked up a little” at the moment one of the hosts received a tweet from Adam Schefter announcing Smith’s dismissal. The reaction of the crowd that turned out at the live event at 115 Bourbon Street in Southside Chicago was anything but.

Listen as the awkwardness unfolds for Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, live on the air:

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