NBC Sports Radio Moving Erik Kuselias To Morning Drive In April?

Eytan Shander and Amani Toomer currently host the late night airshift on NBC Sports Radio. But when the network expands to 24-hour, 7-day programming, they could be moved to a midday time slot, while evening drive host Erik Kuselias moves to mornings.

As you know, the new CBS Sports Radio Network officially goes 24/7 this week. Meanwhile, the NBC Sports Radio Network, which officially announced its formation a mere week prior to CBSSR’s unveiling, is on the air with three shows from 7 PM to 5 AM ET, and with the new year will come a new weekend schedule.

Upon the announcement of the NBCSR weekend schedule was a confirmation that the network would be 24/7 on April 1.

And on that day, according to a somewhat buried sentence in Richard Deitsch’s weekly “Media Circus” column, NBCSR shows currently on the air will be moved back to an earlier time.

In the case of Erik Kuselias, who hosts the 7-10 PM program, he will be appointed the “morning host” on the network, putting him back in the wakeup daypart since he departed The Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive” program last May. (Kuselias currently appears on TV via NBC Sports Network.)

As for the duo of Eytan Shander and Amani Toomer, currently entrenched in the 10 PM-1 AM slot, they will be rerouted to middays, according to Deitsch. Of course, exactly what “midday” time slot they will get is yet to be determined. More than likely, they’ll be given a time slot starting at 12 Noon ET. That’s because NBC employee Dan Patrick’s radio show, which broadcasts from 9 AM-12 Noon ET, is not far behind from joining the NBCSR lineup, as the television simulcast of the radio show recently moved over to NBC Sports Network from Fox Sports Networks.

No word on whether or not NBCSR redeye host Dan Schwartzman will be given an earlier shift when the network goes 24/7 in April, or if any of the talent hosting weekend programming on the network (e.g. Jason Page, Anita Marks, NFL Network’s Brian Webber) will also be granted a daily show.

UPDATE: Mr. Deitsch has informed me that the previous report that had Kuselias going to mornings and Shander/Toomer going to middays was a misreading on his part. Which I can understand. Of course, given Kuselias’ prior experience in the morning daypart, I can also understand if Kuselias does get promoted to morning drive eventually. So while it’s not a done deal, I wouldn’t rule it out. In fact, that’ll be my first (and only) 2013 prediction: Kuselias will get mornings when NBC Sports Radio goes 24/7.

One comment on “NBC Sports Radio Moving Erik Kuselias To Morning Drive In April?

  1. TMac says:

    I was in my car driving to work on 9/11/01. Erik Kuselias was on the air at ESPN. When the first plane hit WTC 1, his co-host commented, “A plane just crashed into a building in New York”. Kuselias replied, “That’s not a plane, that’s Michael Jordan’s ego”. Then he laughs and a drum roll played. What a jerk. People just died in a plane crash and he’s joking about. Let’s have ESPN replay the audio of that sometime and see the response Kuselias gets.

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