Here's What People Are Saying About CBS Sports Radio's New Morning Show, "TBD In The AM"

Several listeners aren’t necessarily feeling the “power” from the new CBS Sports Radio Network on its first day on the air, particularly from former New York Giants running back and NBC personality Tiki Barber.

As the CBS Sports Radio Network officially bowed on the morning of January 2, so too did its morning show, co-hosted by ESPN veteran Dana Jacobson, New York City and San Francisco sports radio veteran Brandon Tierney, and former NBC flameout Tiki Barber.

Collectively, the trio is known on CBSSR as “TBD In The AM.”

Oh, I get it – TBD. That brand really worked well in Washington, didn’t it?

Anyway, when you’re an upstart radio network putting a new wakeup show on the air, you’re bound to get your fair share of critics. And so, we turned to the place where anyone with ten fingers and a valid e-mail address can be a critic: Twitter.

Here are some tweets from January 2, and then some.

And finally, this gem of a comment posted to a story in the Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) Patriot-News, regarding a pair of sports radio stations there converting from ESPN to CBS Sports Radio.

2 comments on “Here's What People Are Saying About CBS Sports Radio's New Morning Show, "TBD In The AM"

  1. drunk 24 7 says:

    Scott Ferrall is the worst. Begs for callers pathetic just pathetic… Tiki Barber? At least his brother Ronde has a Super Bowl ring..
    Tiereny SUCKED in San Francisco Never pulled a rating that a college statrion would like..
    and Dana Jacobson? ugh altho she has the perfect face for radio…

  2. Brian says:

    Dana is just plan awful! She over-speaks at every opportuntiy. Here laugh sounds like a grizzley bear. She has very limited sporst knowledge. Tosh hit the nail on the head when he made fun of her

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