Mike Francesa Calls Out WFAN Co-Hosts For Leaving His Studio In Disarray (Video)







Mike Francesa rants about his studio being left “a mess” by WFAN colleagues Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts, and suggests the station “fumigate” the studio between their shows.

Since WFAN in New York signed on the air back in 1987, virtually all of their live programming emanated from a studio located in a basement in the Kaufman Astoria Studios in the borough of Queens.

Eventually, WFAN became under the ownership of CBS Radio, which decided that all of their radio stations in the New York market be housed into one central building. And so, as of late 2009, WFAN’s talent have been doing their shows from studios in the TriBeCa section of lower Manhattan. However, since morning duo Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton and afternoon host Mike Francesa conduct shows that are simulcast on television (MSG Network and YES Network, respectively), they require their own exclusive studios, each possessing a distinctive aura.

Enter the CBS Sports Radio Network, which started broadcasting this week and operates out of New York. And it looks like CBSSR is also being run in the same building as CBS’ New York news, talk and music stations. That much was revealed at the beginning of Mike Francesa’s show on Friday afternoon, as he complained about what used to be his personal studio being left unkempt by the WFAN co-hosts that precede him every weekday, Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts.

“We have everybody in the same studios now,” Francesa explained. “We don’t have enough room here, because the network’s next door.”

Time will tell if such rants will become a regular occurence on “Mike’s On”, or if CBS seeks out additional space for its broadcasting properties.

“It’s disgusting,” Francesa said. “I’m neat. I can’t deal with that stuff.”

Looks like there’s a real-life version of “The Odd Couple” on sports radio in New York.

The full transcript of Francesa’s rant is below – but it’s worth hearing what some are already calling “the best opening in sports radio history.” The person at YES running the Twitter account dedicated to Francesa’s show seems to agree.

“I’ve gotta fumigate when I come in here now. Everyone uses my studio now. And now, they, it, it, they can’t e — oh, my God. Have your producers clean up after you if you can’t clean up. Geez! Coffee stains, garbage all over the place, God almighty. Ugh. I have to — we have everybody in the same studios now, because we don’t have enough room here, because the network’s next door. So, I’ve got Joe and Evan on top of me, and they can’t even come in the studio before 1 o’clock, and then the place is a mess. I gotta spend ten minutes cleaning it before we come on the air. So… fixed the things, everything’s knocked down, I mean, it’s just unbelievable. I’m glad – I’m glad I don’t let them in my house. Geez. My God. Microphone, ugh. God. I need a half hour in between (our shows) to fumigate it. Geez. All right, we begin on a Friday — nice way to start, but you know, listen, the place is a me — come on, there’s coffee stains all over the place, there’s stuff, there’s papers… you know, tissues, ugh. It’s disgusting. I’m neat. I can’t deal with that stuff. Ugh.”

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