Mike Francesa Gives "Inside Edition" The Handwave Treatment







Mike Francesa isn’t a fan of “Inside Edition.” He reportedly flipped out at a cameraman from the show who was roaming WFAN, asking its hosts for comment on Jets head coach Rex Ryan’s unique tattoo.

Let’s just say that Friday was a bad day to get on Mike Francesa’s bad side.

Well, any day ending with “Y” in particular, but especially the first Friday of 2013.

The top sports story on this day in New York City, where Francesa’s afternoon drive radio show is based: the discovery of a tattoo on New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan’s arm, depicting his wife, Michelle, clad in a Jets jersey with the number 6 on it – 6 is Mark Sanchez’s number, and as far as we can tell, she appears to be Tebowing in the drawing; of course, Tim Tebow is the Jets’ backup quarterback – for now, anyway.

The source of the photo of the tattoo, by the way, was a paparazzi working on behalf of the New York Daily News.

Anyway, later that day, Daily News sports media columnist Bob Raissman reported via a source that as an unidentified TV station or network was making the rounds at the studios of New York’s leading sports radio station, WFAN, soliciting opinions from hosts on Ryan’s one-of-a-kind ink, ‘FAN franchise Francesa “got ticked… when some TV peon dared stick a camera in his face.”

Based on what we could gather, the only media outlet that was fielding comments from WFAN hosts about Ryan’s tattoo on Friday was the syndicated news program “Inside Edition,” which has already garnered reaction from Craig Carton, one half of WFAN’s morning show “Boomer and Carton,” and Joe Benigno, one of the midday co-hosts on WFAN – and one of the “slobs” responsible for Francesa’s rant about his messy studio at the start of his Friday show, as “Mike’s On” airs right after “Joe And Evan.” During that open, Francesa suggested WFAN now “fumigate” his studio before his program.

We wouldn’t be surprised if he also called for an exterminator for the tabloid TV shows.

By the way, if you’re looking for video of the “Inside Edition” report on Rex Ryan’s tattoo featuring the WFAN talkies’ takes, it may air on their daily show on Monday (check local listings) or as early as today on the weekend edition of their show (check local listings).

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