Die Hard Houston Chronicle Columnist Dead Tired On Nashville Radio







John McClain snored for several minutes at the start of an appearance on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville. The longtime Houston Chronicle columnist was sleep-deprived due to working overtime on the Texans the night before.

For over three decades, John McClain has been covering the Texans and football in general for the Houston Chronicle.

John McClain is not to be confused with Bruce Willis’ character from the movie “Die Hard,” John McClane.

Anyway, every so often, McClain dials into the Texans’ flagship station, KILT-AM/”Sports Radio 610″. But he also has a following in Nashville, where Houston’s old NFL franchise, the Oilers, had relocated fifteen years ago. He regularly phones into WGFX/”104.5 The Zone” in Nashville; these days, you can find him checking in on The Zone’s midday show, “The Midday 180.”

That is, if he’s awake.

See, on this particular Tuesday, when he was given the cue by the hosts of “The Midday 180,” McClain was in deep REM sleep.

Snoring, in fact.

A stark contrast to the other John McClane making his entrance known.

McClain finally woke up after seven minutes of sleeping, and didn’t even hide the fact that he dozed off. He blamed his lack of shuteye on finishing paperwork with the end of the Texans’ season in New England over the weekend.

So if you’re looking for somebody to blame for a longtime sports columnist falling asleep on the air, blame the Texans.

The audio of McClain’s forty winks on “The Midday 180” is presented by Clay Travis, who only co-hosts the show that follows “180” on “104.5 The Zone,” “The 3-Hour Lunch” (Travis also appears solo weekends on NBC Sports Radio). (Download the audio by right-clicking here.)

This is proof that John McClain is one of the hardest-working people in sports media. And he never denied the fact that he was sleeping – unlike a big-time sports radio host that nodded off during an interview.

Yippie ki yay, Mike Francesa.

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