Brent Musburger Breaks His Silence On ESPN's Apology For Katherine Webb Kerfuffel







Brent Musburger thinks long and hard about whether or not ESPN’s apology for his comments about Katherine Webb were warranted.

“Brent Musburger basically just told ESPN to go f— themselves.”

That’s one assessment of the announcer’s comments this week about his comments last week, in which he praised the good looks of the girlfriend and mother of Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron – comments the Worldwide Leader issued an apology for.

So when TMZ staked out at a Florida airport for Musburger to arrive, they peppered him with questions about the apology – most importantly, whether or not he thought it was worth it.

After mockingly thinking it over for about five seconds, he answered with a resounding “no”, adding: “Individuals say what individuals say. And corporations do what corporations do. Obviously, they felt it was the right thing for them to do.”

Musburger also claims he has not spoken to Webb. “I really haven’t,” he said. “I’d like to, someday… I’m sure that, at some time, we’ll run into each other. I’ll smile, I hope she’s still smiling, and I wish her nothing but the best.”

TMZ also wanted to know if Musburger thinks he felt he was responsible for launching the professional career of Miss Alabama, who saw her Twitter follower count skyrocket after an ESPN camera focused on her during the BCS National Championship Game.

“I think she’d already launched it,” he affirmed. “I don’t think she needed help from me.”

Nope – instead, she got help from ESPN for their unwarranted apology.

Meanwhile, what does this mean for the future of Brent Musburger, who signed a multi-year contract extension with ESPN just last year? “When you start talking about what ‘corporate’ wants and makes you do,” tweeted Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina, “you’re playing with fire.”

And to add fuel to the fire, Musburger closed a college basketball broadcast this Monday night by telling viewers that sideline reporter Holly Rowe was “really smokin’ tonight.”

Could it be that Musburger is just asking for ESPN to take action against him at this point – maybe even dismissing┬áhim from┬áthe contract that he recently re-upped?

You know what they say: Where there’s “smokin'”…

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