Howard Eskin: Erin Andrews Should "Thank The Guy" Behind Peephole Video, "I Think She's Terrible" (UPDATE: Dan Sileo Suspended For Going After Her)







Philadelphia radio host Howard Eskin thinks Fox's Erin Andrews owes her popularity to her infamous peephole video and "ought to thank the guy that shot" it. "I think she's terrible."

Philadelphia radio host Howard Eskin thinks Fox’s Erin Andrews owes her popularity to her infamous peephole video and “ought to thank the guy that shot” it. “I think she’s terrible.”

All of a sudden, the Erin Andrews haters have been coming out of the woodwork lately.

First, she had to endure a Florida radio host’s obnoxious rants about her on Twitter (more below), and now, another radio host suggests she should thank her lucky stars that a peephole video of her was leaked, because that single-handedly multiplied her popularity.

Both of these instances stemmed from the bizarre story about the girlfriend of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o, a girl who was but a figment of the Heisman Trophy candidate’s imagination.

Caller Murray expressed to Howard Eskin, the longtime afternoon drive host on WIP in Philadelphia, who now hosts a two-hour show on Saturday mornings, how a popular athlete like Te’o would ever go through with such an imaginary gal pal in the first place.

“He’s a star football player at Notre Dame,” Eskin told the caller. “Even if you’re ugly, you get women.”

At that point, the caller went from Te’o to the other most-talked-about college football player over the last two weeks, Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, whose Crimson Tide rolled the Fighting Irish in the BCS National Championship Game – though it was an accolade from ESPN’s Brent Musburger that put the spotlight on McCarron’s beau, Katherine Webb.

“He ain’t all-world in looks, and look what he got,” the caller complained to Eskin, who countered with a bold prediction for McCarron’s love life: “He ain’t got her long now. Now that she’s a big star, he’s short for that one… A.J. McCarron can say goodbye to Katherine Webb.”

When the caller brought up the fact that Webb defended the ESPN broadcaster’s belief that he didn’t say anything that warranted an apology, Eskin can only think of another ESPN broadcaster, now employed by Fox, who became the center of attention back in 2009 – for all the wrong reasons.

“It’s like, Erin Andrews ought to thank the guy that shot the nude video of her,” Eskin said.

As the caller could be heard underneath Eskin agreeing with him (“you’re absolutely right”), Eskin continued: “She was a sideline reporter for the SEC until that happened.

“I think she’s terrible.”

And as Bob’s Blitz is quick to point out, by way of Eskin’s daily gig as sports anchor at Philly’s WTXF/Fox 29, a station owned-and-operated by Fox, this could basically be construed as Eskin taking a jab at one of his colleagues. Awkward.

It wouldn’t be the first time, though. During Fox’s coverage of the MLB postseason, in which Andrews joined Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, he tweeted on October 15: “Thought Erin Andrews was brutal doing football reporting, hard to believe she’s worse doing baseball playoffs, but she is worse. #brutal” Alas, he would eventually delete that tweet – but we have it archived here. (He did manage to leave this subsequent tweet re: Erin Andrews from the same night be.)

This radio host’s viewpoint on Erin Andrews came over 24 hours after another radio host, Dan Sileo, had a run-in with Erin Andrews on Twitter:

Sileo later came to his senses and realized that his “pepe hole” comments about Ms. “Andres” may have been a bit too much:

And yet, some are now crying for the WQAM/Miami midday host to be suspended, even fired, over this.

This is the same Dan Sileo, you may recall, who was fired for referring to NFL players as “monkeys” during his previous radio gig in Tampa.

If Sileo does time for his altercation with Erin Andrews on Twitter, I can’t imagine what the penalty would be for Howard Eskin. Isn’t being banished to Saturday mornings punishment enough?

UPDATE, 1.20.13: The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson is reporting that Sileo has been suspended for a couple of days for his sexist social media squabble with Erin Andrews. I was wondering why Sileo sent me the following tweet:


Well, your move, Fox.

5 comments on “Howard Eskin: Erin Andrews Should "Thank The Guy" Behind Peephole Video, "I Think She's Terrible" (UPDATE: Dan Sileo Suspended For Going After Her)

  1. Dan says:

    Crude as these guys may be nothing they’re saying is wrong. Andrews isn’t good at her job and has benefitted from that video. Without it she’d still be one in a stable of blondes walking around on the sidelines at college games well into her 40s.

  2. Jennifer Gordon says:

    Dan sileo should not be suspended he is only saying what we are all thinking. Erin andrews is terrible broadcaster. Watched college game about month ago with her ridiculous tight pants even worse hair and her standing the whole time with legs spread awkwardly apart was embarrassed for ALL female journalists.

  3. Bobby says:

    Jennifer Gordon what in the HECK are you talking about? You’re a disgrace. And you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  4. Jennifer Gordon says:

    Hey Bobby only disgrace is you can’t turn on any sport lately without Erin Andrews being the constant distraction. Cant understand a word she says but guess that is ok because she has tight leopard pants on. Would like to say she is credible but when she called the Patriots ‘team Giselle’ last year during Super Bowl was laughable.

  5. a)Andy Reid
    b)Donovan McNabb
    c)Jeffrey Lurie
    d)Joe Banner
    e)Howard Eskin

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