Mike Francesa Needed A Police Escort For His Flight To New Orleans







Mike Francesa was accompanied by a police escort for his flight to New Orleans for broadcasts at the site of Super Bowl XLVII.

Mike Francesa was accompanied by a police escort for his flight to New Orleans for broadcasts from the site of Super Bowl XLVII.

Another Super Bowl is upon us.

Which means another Super Bowl media week is upon us.

Which means that many radio hosts will be broadcasting live from the site of the big game once again.

Including WFAN/New York and YES Network’s Mike Francesa.

You may recall last year in Indianapolis, he stirred the pot a little bit by suggesting (lying) that popular Bible-thumping quarterback Tim Tebow refused to appear on Rosie O’Donnell’s satellite radio show due to her sexual orientation – a suggestion that was negated by a photo of the two in the same room, a photo that happened to be taken by Francesa’s former radio mate, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, who also dropped by Francesa’s show that week.

So on the Sunday before Super Bowl Sunday – one on which he still did his scheduled “Football Sunday” broadcast, despite there being just the Pro Bowl being played tonight – Francesa had to make a mad dash to LaGuardia Airport for a flight to New Orleans that departed around 2:15 PM or so.

And he apparently brought a companion with him for the trip.

“[Mike] Francesa is on our flight,” tweeted Bleacher Report senior NFL video producer Aaron Nagler. “He gets a police escort. Seriously?”

Ten minutes later, Nagler’s Bleacher Report colleague, Sirius XM executive producer Nick Kostos, confirmed this.

Wonder why that is? So someone can prod him in case he falls asleep on the flight? So none of the other passengers heckles him, or even dare say, “Helloooo” to him?

And is this police escort going to accompany Francesa for the duration of his travails in the Big Easy?

It sure isn’t easy being Mike Francesa.

Below is Francesa’s explanation, but first, here’s more Twitter reaction to the news that he boarded (we’re projecting, based on Twitter times) Delta Air Lines Flight 1705 from New York to New Orleans, with a police escort in tow. (You can already see the “falling asleep” jokes coming.)

And we have a tweet from somebody claiming to be sitting next to Francesa on the flight – and halfway confirming presence of security:

And last but not least, some fan art from Matthew Funtime:

UPDATE, 1.28.13: Yes, Mike Francesa discussed this news in the very first segment of his radio show of the week from Radio Row on Monday. And yes, he spun it as only Mike Francesa can.

And why not – here’s a transcript of the above clip.

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