SiriusXM Puts Dino Costa In The Doghouse







Dino Costa has been suspended by SiriusXM for agreeing to accept money for an appearance in what the satellite radio company says was a "contest." Incidentally, Thursday was the final day of Costa's contract with SiriusXM.

Dino Costa has been suspended by SiriusXM for agreeing to accept money for an appearance in what the satellite radio company says was a “contest.” Incidentally, Thursday was the final day of Costa’s contract with SiriusXM.

Mad Dog Radio nighttime host Dino Costa is mad as hell.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio suspended him for content on his Wednesday night broadcast.

Considering how satellite radio is unregulated, there has to be a good reason why one would get suspended from that medium.

But as Costa pleaded in a blog post on his website, in which he disclosed “Mad Dog Radio” program director Steve Torre informed him of his suspension twenty minutes before the start of his show on Thursday, it’s all a misunderstanding.

“On [Wednesday’s] show, I simply wondered aloud — who might be willing to pay me to go to their Super Bowl party?,” Costa lamented. “The result was people calling in from all points across the North American continent offering me the best deal they had to come to their party.”

Including one from Las Vegas who invited him to appear at his Super Bowl party.

“I agreed to do this for the sum of $3500. Plus airfare. Plus hotel. Plus a car service to and from the airport.”

It was that statement that led to Costa’s suspension.

“[The program director] Torre told me I ran a ‘contest.’ No, I did not. This was spontaneous, this was off the cuff, this was, in the end, radio genius.

“This was not a ‘contest’ — and not once did I feel that the three hours of radio magic constituted anything in the way of deceptive and/or nefarious conduct… It was fun and it was innocent.”

Costa also argued that he was not engaging in payola, like “what that dickhead and no talent sports talk host, Sid Rosenberg, did at a station in Florida a short time back.”

And he added that other “Mad Dog Radio” talent like Scott Wetzel, as well as former “Howard 101” host Scott Ferrall, now with CBS Sports Radio, had regularly endorsed gambling websites on the air – gambling websites that they personally maintain – a practice Costa referred to as “self-payola.”

The irony is that Costa was suspended by SiriusXM on the final day of his contract with them; according to a listener, he had mentioned his contract ended in August – same time one Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s does. Regardless, and no matter how “fun” and “innocent” the bit was, the timing of his suspension couldn’t have come at a worse time. Could it be that SiriusXM was simply looking for a convenient way to sideline him, which would give them an excuse for not offering him a new contract?

In other words: The next time we hear him on the air, will it be on SiriusXM, or on “Mad Dog Radio” (if it’s still around at that point)?

“Like everything else at this point — it’s to be seen how it all shakes out in the wash.”

Meanwhile, it appears that Costa is indeed going to head to Sin City and cash in on that $3,500. He recalled his last words to Torre on Thursday were: “Steve, I gotta go; with this suspension, I now have more time to plan for my Las Vegas trip.

“I’ll leave Vegas with $3,500 in my hand and zero regrets as to how I procured this money.”

SiriusXM might have regrets on double-crossing him out of a new deal, though.


(For more, please read this article on Costa’s suspension from my SportsRantz colleague, Kevin Canessa, who I will admit knows way more about the host than I do.)

5 comments on “SiriusXM Puts Dino Costa In The Doghouse

  1. Tom Mauser says:

    If for any reason Costa leaves Sirus so will my subscription to Sirus be leaving!

  2. Doc says:

    The guy is a pompous ass a total douchebag. The way he disrespects people on here is absolutely appalling I don’t even know why anybody would listen to this jerk off. I hope SirousXM does can his ass he doesn’t belong on the radio and no talent bum!

  3. Jake says:

    Dino is a genious and paid to cause shit… sirrius is dumb as shit to get rid ofhim the dork who left the last message likes howard but would cancel because of dino now that’s a douchebag. Howard Is one of the most ignorant peeps to ever be allowed to talk on radio. I was allowed to cancel my contract with full refund do to this bullshit… good luck russo you useless piece of crap

  4. Bill Savarese says:

    Dino,you need to weigh your words more carefully before you continue to say things that are hurtful to people. You are better than that.

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