Donovan McNabb Wants The Overtime Rules Back The Way They Were







NFL Network analyst Donovan McNabb is calling for a carbon copy of the original overtime rules. As for ties, he would vow to "just play football" until somebody wins.

NFL Network analyst Donovan McNabb is calling for a carbon copy of the original overtime rules. As for ties, he would vow to “just play football” until somebody wins.

We all remember when Donovan McNabb led the Philadelphia Eagles to a tie against the Cincinnati Bengals – and how he thought the game would continue after that one and only 15-minute overtime period.

Suddenly, the retired quarterback and now NFL Network analyst (who, by the way, you’ll be hearing a lot from on NBC Sports Radio – you’ve been warned) has become an expert on overtime in the NFL: he basically wants the overtime rules, which were modified to give the team losing the coin toss at least one possession for OT in the playoffs in 2010, and eventually the regular season as well, two years later, reinstated to its previous form.

This during a roundtable segment on Saturday’s “NFL Total Access” program on NFL Network, in which host Andrew Siciliano asked panelists which rule they would change if they were NFL commissioner for a day. Analyst Brian Baldinger made a case for simplifying “overlitigated” plays that may be ruled differently by officials, and guest analyst, Indianapolis Colts linebacker Dwight Freeney, wants an end to “cut blocks” from offensive linemen or tight ends.

But McNabb, well, he wants to go back to the future.

Transcript below:

DONOVAN McNABB: You know what? I know everyone will probably entertain themselves with mine. You know, and my Twitter followers, you’ll love this one, but I’m going to talk about the overtime rules. I’d rather — let’s get back to normal football, and if it goes to overtime, hey, first — first touchdown, first field goal wins, and the game is over. We all know, hey, if you score a touchdown, it’s over; if you kick a field goal, do you kick an onside kick, then it’s like, they have possession of the ball, game is [over]…

BRIAN BALDINGER: Do you play it all through the season, all the way until someone wins?

McNABB: Regular season — you know, you get into overtime in the regular season, you kick a field goal, the game is over.

ANDREW SICILIANO: I’ll ask: what about ties?

McNABB: [Laughter] Well, well, ties, hey, in the regular season, I was part of a tie —

SICILIANO: But, do you want to ban ties? I’d ban ties.

McNABB: You know what, let’s just play football. Let’s continue to play football. We have nowhere to go, the fans have nowhere to go, hey, let’s — whoever kicks a field goal or scores a touchdown, game is over.

BALDINGER: Injuries, injuries that happen in the second overtime?

McNABB: We’re, we are never, in the NFL, worried about injuries. We’re worried about ratings. And money. So it’s not that, how long it goes, and, you know, if somebody gets hurt — play till somebody wins.

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