Mike Francesa Defends Snow Job, Claims "No One Died" During Winter Storm Nemo







Mike Francesa's cluelessness was on full display as Winter Storm Nemo delivered up to 40 feet of snow - far more than the "three inches" he said it would bring. (Photo composite/credit: Matthew Funtime.)

Mike Francesa’s cluelessness was on full display as Winter Storm Nemo delivered up to 40 inches of snow – far more than the “three inches” he said it would bring. (Photo composite/credit: Matthew Funtime.)

Many people strive to give a 100% effort.

Mike Francesa, on the other hand, is perfect, only in his own mind.

There’s been several occasions where the WFAN/New York and YES Network afternoon personality has gotten it wrong. He once said after the New York Giants won Super Bowl XLII that he picked them to win, despite him actually saying he sided with the Patriots going into the big game. There was the huge exaggeration that Tim Tebow would not appear in the same room as Rosie O’Donnell due to “her lifestyle,” only to find the two within inches of each other on Rosie’s radio show, moments later. And Francesa claims that ESPN has banned their personnel from appearing on his show, and WFAN, in general; then, come Heisman Trophy time, who should come wandering into his Lionel train-laden but the Worldwide Leader’s dean of college football, Kirk Herbstreit.

His track record is so spotty, he should become a meteorologist.

In fact, as Winter Storm Nemo approached the East Coast late last week, Francesa actually seized that opportunity, as he nonchalantly predicted that New York City would only get “a dusting” once the dust, er, snow settled.

He predicted this on his show Thursday, as he went back and forth with a caller on his not taking the storm seriously. Toward the end of this clip, he has to read “the official weather forecast for the New York metropolitan area” in an attempt to cover his ass.

So the “dusting” that Francesa was prognosticating actually turned into forty inches of snow in Connecticut. And in New York, it was enough for airports to cancel thousands of flights, and for the Governor to declare a state of emergency. Oh, and there were close to 10,000 power outages over the weekend in New York, mostly in Francesa’s backyard of Long Island.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that generator of his was collecting dust last week.

So now, here we are on Monday, where Francesa had to spend the first hour or so of his program, not only making the argument that “I never told you how much snow was coming,” but he dismissed the New York Daily News item I linked right above the video as a “fabrication,” contending that “the idea that I made this huge prediction about how there was not going to be a big snowstorm is a total lie.”

And it was around that time that Francesa, flaunting the ice water in his veins, showed how cold-hearted he truly is by informing – or in this case, misinforming – a caller that there were no casualties as a result of Winter Storm Nemo. Listen as he utters at around 0:35: “No one died in the storm.”

No one, Mike? How about fifteen people? Or did you multiply that figure by your meteorology knowledge – which is zero?

This was the complete opposite of the angry, concerned Mike Francesa who urged New York City to cancel its annual marathon, which would have been run days after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc in the area.

This was a Mike Francesa who could not and would not admit that he was wrong.

When it rains, it pours.

And Mike Francesa sure knows how to pour on the ignorance.

2 comments on “Mike Francesa Defends Snow Job, Claims "No One Died" During Winter Storm Nemo

  1. Michael Consani says:

    40 feet of snow? You’re as accurate as him.

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