Glenn Ordway Parts Ways With Boston's WEEI







No joke: Longtime WEEI host Glenn Ordway, pictured here with comedian Frank Caliendo and "Big Show" co-host Michael Holley (right), is a casualty of being an also-ran in the Boston sports radio ratings to CBS Radio's WBZ-FM, better known as "98.5 The Sports Hub."

No joke: Longtime WEEI host Glenn Ordway, pictured here with comedian Frank Caliendo and “Big Show” co-host Michael Holley (right), is a casualty of being an also-ran in the Boston sports radio ratings to CBS Radio’s WBZ-FM, better known as “98.5 The Sports Hub.”

It’s the end of an era in Boston sports radio.

No, I’m not talking about WEEI’s programming on AM 850 turning into a full-time satellite of ESPN Radio, which happened last October.

Of course, WEEI’s local programming is still heard on 93.7 FM, as it has been since September 2011.

But unfortunately, one person who had been on WEEI’s airwaves for its entire run as a sports radio station will no longer be.

Glenn Ordway, longtime host of WEEI’s afternoon drive “Big Show” program, has been let go by the station, mostly due to the show on WEEI’s competitor, WBZ-FM/”98.5 The Sports Hub,” nearly doubling up “The Big Show” during the most recent football season.

Ordway, 62, who had been a fixture on AM 850 since 1987, when he was co-hosting a show with Janet Prensky, was named program director of WEEI in 1995, four years after the station went all-sports. Around that same time, he introduced “The Big Show,” which he hosted solo until a couple of years ago, when he was granted a co-host in Michael Holley. At that time, WEEI dubbed it their “new drive-time dream team.” But what the move really was was a plan to counter with “Felger and Mazz” on “98.5 The Sports Hub,” which at that point had only been on the air for a couple of years.

It was during the now-brief Ordway/Holley era that the even briefer Bobby Valentine tenure at the Red Sox took place, as some believe that it was this feisty chat that may have contributed to Bobby V’s days being numbered.

Ordway’s reported replacement is Mike Salk, a Boston native who at one time worked at another local sports radio station alongside Mike Felger, one half of the show that currently dominates afternoon drive in Boston sports radio.

Ordway’s ouster comes one week after current WEEI program director Jason Wolfe conducted a survey, whose subjects consisted of people who made the switch from WEEI to “The Sports Hub.” “They were told to focus on the morning and afternoon drive programs, and were asked how they would fix those programs,” wrote the Boston Globe’s Chad Finn last Friday. The survey participants were also “asked why they like or dislike” Ordway, as well as WEEI morning co-hosts, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan (not so much Holley), and to comment on the possibility of “female co-hosts” appearing on WEEI in the near future.

Looks like Wolfe is wasting no time in responding to the survey, firing ESPN Radio part-time personality Kevin Winter from his full-time position as sports update anchor on the “Dennis & Callahan” morning show after just half a year, before showing Ordway the door today.

Could a female voice, which the survey suggested, soon be heard on WEEI?

If they do, it likely won’t be the aforementioned Prensky, who these days prefers to call herself a “boomer broad.” But it’ll certainly have to be a woman that knows sports as much as she knows how to cater to the male demographic. In other words, she has to be so good, Boston will forget about “The Fabulous Sports Babe,” a previous WEEI fixture. (Jen Royle, maybe? Hmm…)

For many sports radio listeners in New England, it’s hard to imagine Glenn Ordway as a previous WEEI fixture, as well.

But unlike most radio personalities upon their firing, WEEI allowed Ordway the opportunity to do a final show – as is deserved.

“I was there [from] day one,” he commented, in looking back at his quarter-century with the station.

In proclaiming that he has “nothing negative to say” about the firing, Ordway said that Winter actually got a raw deal. “To me, that’s not fair.”

He also admitted that he was “lucky to work with some of the greatest people in the business,” including those that have went on to other stations – namely “98.5 The Sports Hub” – which may contribute to the reason Ordway is departing WEEI.

“I’ve met the last couple of days with Jason Wolfe,” he said in the first segment of Wednesday’s show. “It’s obvious that we are not getting the ratings on this program [afternoon drive time] that you need to get, and that’s what this business is all about. It’s a rating-driven business… The ratings are the issue. They’re always the issue. That’s how we’re judged.

“I apparently didn’t do a good enough job in the last couple of years. And so, I pay the price.”

(Hear audio of the entire first segment of Glenn Ordway’s final WEEI show here.)

Meanwhile, there is speculation that the move was made by WEEI’s parent company, Entercom, as a precursor to a sale of the station to another radio group, and even with Ordway and Winter in the rear-view mirror, “there will probably be more whackings” at WEEI.

In the meantime, WEEI’s most popular head is in the duffel bag.

6 comments on “Glenn Ordway Parts Ways With Boston's WEEI

  1. Executiveathlete says:

    Ordway sucks – good riddance. Couldn’t stand the big show: a bunch of fat, old, opinionated, has-beens or never- weres all talking at the same time & big O was the biggest d0ucheb@g of them all. Holly sucks too!

    • Noah David says:

      Are you kidding me glen ordway is one of the greatest sport casters of this era in boston so go enjoy your corny fucking felger and mazz on that piece of shit station. go enjoy the man who likes to say poop and gay little fucking words.

  2. Johnny from Fall River says:

    This is a monumental tragedy of biblical proportions to theSports Radio industry.
    This is the equivalent of lets say hypothetically if the Patriots fired Belechick because despite them being in contention year in, year out, they haven’t won a Super Bowl in 8 years!!
    This is in incredibly bad taste and the next move WEEI should make is to have Peter Brown take a random drug test because only a absolute idiot would make a move like this!!
    Oh and Mr.Executive Athlete I have a question for you? If I spotted you the C and the A cou
    ld you spell CAT for me?
    Just reading your response to Glen Ordway’s firing tells me what a Ignorant Moron you must be.!!!

    • Diamond Joe says:

      “This is the equivalent of let’s say hypothetically if the Patriots fired Belichick because despite them being in contention year in, year out, they haven’t won a Super Bowl in 8 years…”

      You mean, kinda like how the Bears fired Lovie Smith?

  3. Mr X says:

    Are Holly’s teeth fake?

  4. Carol says:

    How could they have replaced Ordway with the most irritating host in Boston Talk Radio. Salk needs to shut up. I find him totally overbearing. His tone of his voice sounds like it is wound tightly with a rubber band and ready to bite something! I run to turn the show off as soon as I hear his voice.

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