Glenn Ordway Signs Off At WEEI, Felger And Mazz Pay Their Respects







"98.5 The Sports Hub" afternoon co-hosts Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti had some classy thoughts for their outgoing counterpart - and inspiration - Glenn Ordway, who parted ways with WEEI after Friday's show.

“98.5 The Sports Hub” afternoon co-hosts Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti had some classy thoughts for their outgoing counterpart – and inspiration – Glenn Ordway, who parted ways with WEEI after Friday’s show.

When word got out Wednesday that longtime Boston sports radio host Glenn Ordway would be replaced on the WEEI-FM afternoon show, it was believed that Wednesday would be his last day.

The local legend that he is, Entercom decided to give him three final shows.

“I’m so happy that I’m getting this opportunity,” Ordway said, “and I thank the company for allowing me to do this, in allowing me to have three days here which I can say goodbye… I’m respectful of the fact that they’ve given me the three days to be able to do this. Usually, they don’t do it, and the reason they don’t do it… is because they’re fearful that somebody’s gonna come back on the air, and just, you know… crap all over them.

“I have great respect for the people in this business, and even the people in the company.”

Yet during his closing thoughts, he ackowledged that he didn’t hear any kudos from Entercom management, which he would have appreciated. Also, he admitted he turned down a national radio deal to stay in Boston because he’s so attached to the teams there.

Hear the entire final segment of Glenn Ordway’s WEEI show here. It includes the final edition of “The Whiner Line,” a segment Ordway started when he became program director of WEEI in the mid-90’s.

Meanwhile, as Ordway was doing his final WEEI broadcast, the duo partly responsible for Ordway’s demise, Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti on WBZ-FM/”98.5 The Sports Hub,” paid tribute to their outgoing competitor at the top of the 5 PM hour. As they lamented how Ordway was the victim of sagging ratings after many years as Boston’s top sports radio host, they came to the sobering realization that where Ordway (as well as his co-host, Michael Holley) is in the ratings today is where “Felger and Mazz” were just last year – and if that’s grounds for dismissal, it “scares the crap out of” them.

The podcast is here (start of Hour 4, February 15) but below is a partial transcript of the “Sports Hub” afternoon drive hosts talking about Glenn Ordway:

MIKE FELGER: “I mean, he’s had a hell of a lot of success, and had a hell of a lot of success not all that long ago. And he’s been on the air with that show almost twenty years? I mean, probably over half of it, he was number one. And, it wasn’t all that long ago that he was still number one. And yes, we’ve had a good run here the last couple of years. But, what are [Ordway and Holley] now, I — you know, second to fourth… third, fourth, second, somewhere in that range. It’s not like they went to last [place]. And I just — from a personal level? Good God, I’m gonna be number one for twenty years, and then I’m third? And that’s tanking? And you’re out of a job? I don’t feel like being congratulated at all. That scares the crap out of me.”

TONY MASSAROTTI: “I actually spoke with him earlier today, and I hadn’t talked to him since; I’ve exchanged a text message, and said the same thing… I don’t get that whole thing, about, ‘congratulations’, for what? For, you know, for, for the fact that someone is now deprived of a livelihood?”

FELGER: “Well, it’s not just that, I mean, things change.”

MASSAROTTI: “Of course, they change.”

FELGER: “Quickly; we were third last spring.”

MASSAROTTI: “Hey, the Grim Reaper comes to get all of us sooner or later.”

FELGER: “Being another talk show host, I don’t like that one bit. Not good news, for me or anybody else. That third place is suddenly bad.”

MASSAROTTI: “I mean, in this business, to do that, for that length of time, is borderline unheard of, really. It’s extraordinary, and again, the — look, in this business, okay, you’re exposed. On a regular basis, every day, for twenty hours a week, and I’m not making a pity party. That’s the job. That is what the job is. And so, some of you love him, some of you hate him. Fine… but don’t disrespect the ability, is all I’m saying. And that’s how I look at it. So, I have tremendous respect for his talent, and again, I feel indebted.”

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