What's In A Name? New "Sports Biz Radio" Show Will Be Different From "Sports Business Radio"







ESPN sports business journalist Kristi Dosh wants you to know that her new weekly radio series, "Sports Biz Radio," airing Tuesday nights on "1010 XL" in Jacksonville, is nothing like "Sports Business Radio," the preexisting syndicated show hosted by Brian Berger.

ESPN sports business journalist Kristi Dosh wants you to know that her new weekly radio series, “Sports Biz Radio,” airing Tuesday nights on “1010 XL” in Jacksonville, is nothing like “Sports Business Radio,” the preexisting syndicated show hosted by Brian Berger.

Between terrestrial, satellite and the Internet, there is no shortage of niche programming on the radio.

Just as there are websites and blogs (like this one) focusing on sports media, there are also programs devoted to the field.

Another subject is the business of sports. And the radio show that first comes to mind is “Sports Business Radio,” the nationally-syndicated radio program which is the brainchild of Portland, Oregon-based sports radio host Brian Berger, and is zeroing in on its tenth year of existence.

Meanwhile, this week, another show with a similar premise will be launching. The title? “Sports Biz Radio.”

I know what you’re thinking. But let me give you the skinny on this new show first.

Airing Tuesday nights at 8 PM ET on WJXL-AM/”1010 XL” in Jacksonville, “Sports Biz Radio” will be co-hosted by WJXL assistant program director Chadd Scott, and his fiancee, ESPN sports business reporter Kristi Dosh, the self-proclaimed “Sports Biz Miss.”

So, other than a similar name, the two shows will virtually be audio snowflakes.

“I think since we’re… focused on our local market [Jacksonville], there won’t be any confusion,” Dosh told me via Twitter. She was also quick to point out the syndicated show using the full word “Business” in their title. But that distinction doubles as a limitation.

“Unfortunately, [there’s] not a lot of ways to identify something as sports business,” Dosh acknowledged.

And it’s not like Dosh and Scott will be infringing on any trademarked name or anything. According to USPTO, it does not appear that the phrase “sports business radio” (nor “sports biz radio”) is registered. Meanwhile, when you go to the “Sports Business Radio” website, you’re greeted with a logo with dollar signs in lieu of the letter “S” in the word “Business” – and a tiny “TM” attached to it. I’ve tried to confirm that, too, via the USPTO website, but with the character involved, the search doesn’t pan out very well.

I’ve contacted Berger to elaborate on the trademark that the name of his show bears, but have not heard back from him. (Though he did recently start following me on Twitter, so that’s kind of neat.)

I should note that Berger uses the handle @SBRadio on Twitter for his syndicated “Sports Business Radio” program – but the name field on the Twitter account shows the shortened “Sports Biz Radio.” Hmmm.

(By the way, if you’re wondering who possesses the handle @SportsBizRadio on Twitter, it belongs to a person who hosts a show on Blog Talk Radio – and who’s also reserved the “sportsbizradio” name there, despite the name of the show being, “Giving You The Business”. I should clarify: a person who hosted only one show – as in one episode. And the Twitter handle has been inactive for close to three years.)

While the new “Sports Biz Radio” will apparently be Florida-centric, you could still listen to the show anywhere in the country via WJXL’s Internet stream. And who knows, with a growing audience, maybe “Sports Biz Radio” could join “Sports Business Radio” in syndication.

But they’ll just be different shows, with different titles.

And hopefully, at some point, different Twitter identities.

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