ESPN Mesmerized By Heat Harlem Shake, Ripe For Getting Shook Up By Fox Sports 1







ESPN was quite fixated with the "Harlem Shake" dance phenomenon, solely for the fact that the Miami Heat did their own.

ESPN was quite fixated with the “Harlem Shake” dance phenomenon, solely for the fact that the Miami Heat did their own.

Here we are, a mere four days before Fox Sports, with Regis Philbin in tow, is slated to give details to advertisers on their new Fox Sports 1 and 2 networks. Or, at the very least, Fox Sports 1, which Fox has made no secret that with its launch this August, it’s going after ESPN.

And on Friday, the self-proclaimed “Worldwide Leader In Sports” served their audience to the yet-to-be-unveiled Fox Sports 1 on a silver platter.

How, you ask? The Miami Heat “Harlem Shake”, that’s how.

Perhaps you’ve heard of this “Harlem Shake” phenomenon. It’s quite a thing.

But apparently, it wasn’t so much of a thing for ESPN, until the Heat put together their own version of the dance.

With the Heat’s Harlem Shake quickly going viral, ESPN felt that it should capitalize on it and proceeded to spend wall-to-wall coverage of this video on their programming. It was debated on “First Take.” The show “Numbers Never Lie” was soliciting feedback from viewers asking which people they would like to see put together a “Harlem Shake” video.

And yes, there was “SportsCenter,” which on this day devoted more time to this dance that the Heat performed than NHL action on the whole. We had the anchors and analysts and their all-important “reaction to the Heat doing the Harlem Shake”:

We had Herman Edwards instructing his colleagues how to do the “Harlem Shake”:

And we had “SportsCenter” closing out their hour with every person in the building in Bristol doing┬áthe “shake”:

And just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, ESPN felt the “Harlem Shake” was worthy of its own “Bio Blast“.

Now, if you’re going to spend one segment on a player or a team doing the “Harlem Shake,” that’s one thing. For instance, I could see if the Baltimore Ravens put together a “Harlem Shake” video, it might be perfect content for the final segment of “NFL Total Access” on NFL Network – but a brief segment.

ESPN basically treated the Miami Heat’s “Harlem Shake” like it was Tim Tebow’s birthday or something.

And I’m not alone on this. Below are some of the best tweets of the day as ESPN kept shaking, and shaking, and shaking off their audience to their new rival.

I’d sure love to see what the execs at Fox Sports are thinking as they saw all of this unfold.

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