Video: Keith Irizarry And Kevin Devaney, Jr. Call Khalil Edney's Buzzer Beater







The announcers behind the wild Khalil Edney buzzer-beater, as televised by MSG Varsity, were Keith Irizarry and Kevin Devaney, Jr.

The announcers behind the wild Khalil Edney buzzer-beater, as televised by MSG Varsity, were Keith Irizarry and Kevin Devaney, Jr.

Down 59-49, the New Rochelle Huguenots made an improbable comeback, capped by an across-the-court buzzer-beater from forward Khalil Edney, to stun the Mount Vernon Knights.

But what really brought the final play to life was the call by Keith Irizarry and Kevin Devaney, Jr., on a game televised by MSG Varsity, a regional cable network offered exclusively by Cablevision. With just a tenth of a second remaining in regulation, even Irizarry, the play-by-play announcer who worked the game, was convinced that “Mount Vernon’s gonna hold on and win it”, before Edney proceeded with the alley-oop.

That seemed to make a believer out of the crew. “That was the most amazing shot I’ve ever seen,” emoted Devaney.

The full transcript is at the bottom of the post – including an exchange in which both announcers sounded like they were at an impasse as to whether or not Edney’s shot counted.

Watch the video, and listen as Irizarry and Devaney bring out their inner Gus Johnson and Jack Buck (“I don’t believe¬†what¬†we just saw”).

Here’s the official video with additional angles of the shot, courtesy of MSG Varsity.

The buzzer-beater is already the buzz of the sports world. And it’s bound to make stars out of Irizarry and Devaney.

Keep this in mind: As of 5 PM ET on Sunday, their Twitter follower counts, respectively, are 531 and 4,194. As ESPN and other outlets play this clip, you watch as those numbers multiply.

And then watch as either or both of them leave MSG Varsity for CBS or Fox.

Meanwhile, even after a moment of triumph, as broadcast on their own air, MSG Varsity’s parent company can’t help but incite a little behind-the-scenes sparring. Apparently, Cablevision got wind of an ESPN producer tweeting a link to an unofficial video of the shot uploaded to YouTube, and here’s what they tweeted to the producer:

I mentioned that MSG Varsity is available exclusively to Cablevision subscribers. In fact, they’re so anal about who gets access to their content, that you can’t even access many portions of MSG Varsity’s own website without getting a prompt that you need to be a subscriber in order to view the content.

For example, when I try to access the New Rochelle high School page on, this is the message I’m treated to:

And let’s not forget that Cablevision is also the parent company of Newsday. Ever since they erected their paywall, it’s been hard getting a regular fix of Neil Best.

And I thought TSN policing their content to people outside of Canada was bad.

Oh, by the way, MSG Varsity: thanks for (briefly) retweeting this very post – I guess they undid the retweet as soon as they found out I was reporting on the negative aspects of this, as well…

And now for a transcript of this call…

KEITH IRIZARRY: New Rochelle, the 9-1 run in less than four minutes, or the last four minutes… It is Edney to throw it in… Edney tosses it; it’s knocked around; and Mount Vernon’s gonna hold on and win… or, hold on, what’s that? Oh, goodness! Are they gonna count that? No, it doesn’t count! They’re wiping it off! Down by the —

KEVIN DEVANEY, JR.: Oh, my goodness!

IRIZARRY: I think he got that off!

DEVANEY: I don’t think he got it off as well! Khalil [unintelligible] but they’re saying it does not count! The referees are gonna talk it over. That was the most amazing shot I’ve ever seen, wasn’t it?

IRIZARRY: I think they have to count that.

DEVANEY: Do we turn the monitors away to let them watch? It’s very, very close.

IRIZARRY: We have the replay, he got it off; like I said, he got it off. It is mayhem here at the County Center.

DEVANEY: We’re gonna have a, a large crowd around us, and these referees are gonna decide the game in this huddle, right now… It counts!

IRIZARRY: They’re counting it! New Rochelle! Khalil Edney! Absolutely pandemonium! I have never seen a shot like that before!

DEVANEY: I have no words! I have no words! I don’t believe what we just saw! I didn’t think anything would ever touch Newburgh’s half-court shot to beat Mount Vernon, and then I saw Khalil Edney make a half-court shot at the Westchester County Center, to win a Section I Class AA title.

IRIZARRY: Mount Vernon is shocked!

DEVANEY: [Mount Vernon head coach Bob] Cimmino can’t believe it. He’s flabbergasted. I cannot believe —

IRIZARRY: Here’s the replay.

DEVANEY: Watch the clock–

IRIZARRY: Lobbed up, Edney picks it up here; Edney — it’s loose at 0.1, it’s good! It was loose at 0.1! Khalil Edney! Another look from a different angle! Again, it’s loose! Wow!

DEVANEY: I don’t believe it!

IRIZARRY: It’s loose at 0.1!

DEVANEY: Out of his hand!

IRIZARRY: We’ve got a crowd around us watching the replays… Ha! Game of the year! Finish of the year, at least.

DEVANEY: Game of the lifetime!

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