Dan Sileo Was Fired By WQAM/Miami For A Half-Assed "Half Hebrew" Remark







A complaint from the Anti-Defamation League following a comment Dan Sileo made about his ability to save money because he's "half-Hebrew" was what led to WQAM in Miami to fire him.

A complaint from the Anti-Defamation League following a comment Dan Sileo made about his ability to save money because he’s “half-Hebrew” was what led WQAM in Miami to fire him.

We figured there was something objectionable that Dan Sileo said on the air on WQAM/560 before the Miami sports radio station terminated him.

The difference is, his firing from WQAM did not appear to be as swift as his displacement from his previous stop on sports radio in Tampa on WDAE/620.

According to the Miami Herald, Sileo’s fateful comment this time around came during the January 30 edition of the show – or five days before Super Bowl XLVII, where he had been broadcasting from all week on Radio Row. At some point during the interview-filled show, Sileo was commenting on news that the family of Junior Seau didn’t receive enough financial compensation after he committed suicide on May 2, when he said this:

“Hey, one thing I’m very proud of, I saved every nickel I had. That must be the half-Hebrew in me. ‘Cause I saved it… That’s part of the old culture there, man, right? That’s why when that $2.06 on that airplane got taken from me, man, I’m still pissed off at that thing.”

At that point, Dave Dwork, producing Sileo’s show from the WQAM studios in Miami, chimed in: “You’re a Jew by association.”

“Thank you, Dave,” Sileo replied.

Since none of Sileo’s podcasts were taken down by station management, I was able to clip this audio from that show:

It was that very comment that led the Anti-Defamation League to file a complaint with WQAM, urging them “to take disciplinary action” against Sileo (he had already been suspended ten days prior for going after Erin Andrews on Twitter) for the “troubling… derogatory comment” he made “with regard to saving money.”

“That was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” a source close to Sileo said to the Miami Herald’s Susan Miller Degnan.

No word if Dwork will be reprimanded for his part in the controversial exchange.

Making matters worse for Sileo, there is a large Jewish population in Miami.

Well, not to make light of his comment, but I truly do hope Dan Sileo has saved up – because I can’t imagine anyone who owns a radio, let alone a radio station, hiring him after the tumultuous year he’s had.

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