Erin Andrews' New Twitter Friend @GAGirl666: "I Used To Be A Big Fan Of Hers; Now I Find Her An Embarrassment To Women In The Sports Media"







Erin Andrews once again had to stand up to a "cyber bully" on Twitter - this one quite critical of her work since joining Fox.

Erin Andrews once again had to stand up to a “cyber bully” on Twitter – this one quite critical of her work since joining Fox.

This weekend, the folks at Busted Coverage brought to our attention a Twitter user who goes by the handle of @GAGirl666. And despite having the number of the beast in her handle, it looks like this woman is clearly exorcised by sports media.

Having signed up just around the end of the Super Bowl, she appears to be quite observant of the medium. And she has even had nice things to say about some of the folks in the business – usually of the female persuasion.

She praised Michelle Beadle’s new NBC Sports Network series, “The Crossover,” and has even congratulated Rachel Nichols on her new gig at CNN.

But it looks like her thoughts on new Fox hire Erin Andrews are entirely on the other side of the spectrum.

Andrews, no stranger to Twitter bullies, decided to let that be known on Friday during a live chat sponsored by Microsoft (disclosure: Fox Sports is partners with MSN):

Indeed, among the dozens of folks she follows – most of whom are involved with sports media – the aforementioned Beadle and Nichols are listed, yet Andrews is nowhere to be found. (There’s always the possibility that @GAGirl666 followed Andrews until recently; I can’t say for sure since I haven’t followed her… in fact, at the time this post was first published, @GAGirl666 had no followers at all.)

Regardless, if you sift through her tweets, it certainly seems like she has some sort of an ax to grind with Andrews – even tweeting to her ESPN replacement, Samantha Ponder (and yes, she follows her, too):

@GAGirl666 has also had a spirited tet-a-tet with sports media observer Ken Fang – who recently just so happened to author a piece titled, “Can Fox Find The Right Role For Erin Andrews?”

Indeed, @GAGirl666 has had opinions on Andrews, from her Valentine’s Day chat with TMZ, to the announcement that she would be involved with the new Fox Sports 1 network, launching in mid-August.

And yes, she had a thing or two to say about her awkward interaction with rapper 50 Cent prior to the Daytona 500.

All of these tweets, and more, are documented below.

UPDATE: @GAGirl666 has gotten wind of this post, and has responded to methrough Twitter, of course: “I thought Twitter was a place for people to express their thoughts. Obviously, I was mistaken. I do not owe you or her or anyone else an explanation for my thoughts or my opinions. However, I will say the following: 1. I used to be a big fan of hers, and thought she was the best in the business. Now, I find her an embarrassment to women in the sports media. In my opinion, she’s more concerned with being a celebrity than being a broadcaster or doing a good job. 2. I don’t tag her in my tweets. I am not looking to troll her or interact with her in any way. 2. I do not follow her because I have her on a separate list. My Twitter feed consists of sports tweets. I don’t need a bunch of pictures of herself, or high school tweets with swimsuit models cluttering it up. That’s most of what she tweets. Yes, I tagged her in the tweet about broadcasters because I thought it was a valid point to make to her. Otherwise, why on Earth is this woman reading my feed and my tweets that don’t tag her? And now, I’m done. She’s gotten far more attention from me, and from you, than she deserves. Which is what she wanted.

“I used to think she was a role model for women wanting to get into the business. Now I shudder at the ones who want to be like her.”

I do appreciate @GAGirl666 for reaching out to me and having her say. It not only puts into perspective how she feels the way she does about Andrews, while she respects her female peers in the business. And it also explains why she doesn’t follow Andrews on Twitter, but does keep track of her only as part of a secondary Twitter feed (or “list”) – and her reasons for doing so. (By the way, her statement “I am not looking to troll her” is likely in reference to the original title of this post, “Erin Andrews’ New Twitter Friend @GAGirl666: Stalker, Troll Or Critic?,” which I have updated, now that I’ve heard from the other side – it’s only fair.)

Also, @GAGirl666 wants you to know that Andrews really cares about what this mysterious (and I mean that in a respectful way) non-follower of hers has to say – even if it doesn’t involve Andrews herself. “[Friday] she sat around reading my Twitter page and then tried to engage me in some kind of Twitter debate,” GA says. “And again [Saturday] she was reading my page, responding to a tweet that didn’t even mention her, again trying to engage me. She could’ve thanked me for pointing out her oversight or ignored my tweet completely. Instead she kept coming back trying to stir something up.”

So, remember the first tweet you saw on this post? Apparently, Andrews felt compelled to reply to it. “She specifically went to my page,” GA says re: EA. “Otherwise, she never would have seen my tweet to respond to it. If she thinks I’m a troll or a stalker or whatever she wants to call me, why is she going to my page at all?”

“She came to my page looking to start something. Yet she calls me a troll or a stalker?”

Yes, I actually had no idea EA replied to one of GA’s posts until GA told me – the tweet is not easily visible via Andrews’ Twitter timeline, and I had to expand the tweet on GA’s timeline in order to view EA’s reply.

And, as you just read, in order to reply to a tweet from someone that you don’t follow, you’d have to land on that person’s page in the first place in order to see what they’re writing.

So, GA asks me, “who’s trolling who?” Is Andrews simply letting off some steam here, or is there a dark side to her that we’re not aware of?

And now, with all that in mind, I present @GAGirl666’s tweets about Erin Andrews that led up to this point in time…

One comment on “Erin Andrews' New Twitter Friend @GAGirl666: "I Used To Be A Big Fan Of Hers; Now I Find Her An Embarrassment To Women In The Sports Media"

  1. lesa says:

    When someones tweets are all hateful tweets to Erin Andrews u know she(GA) is missing a few french fries in her happy meal! not normal to rant about one person on every little thing! Then add 12 other acct. that she uses to harass EA with & you know their is mental problem! both Silva & Joe are aware of it but encourage her rants. Harass not only from GA,but from Joe &Silva who seem to be just as off as the g! Why do they find it necessary to go after EA? Think sour grapes!She has a degree,knows sports,&nearly 1.8 million followers which include women&big contracts! EA is winner as more of us feel for her when y’all start trying to beat her down!

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