Blackhawks Throw The Book At Susannah Collins







Susannah Collins is no longer with CSN Chicago - and word on the street is the Chicago Blackhawks, whose games air on the network, had a hand in her firing.

Susannah Collins is no longer with Comcast Sportsnet Chicago. Word on the street is the Chicago Blackhawks, whose games air on the network, had a hand in her firing, after learning of a series of “Sports Nutz” videos she hosted with Sam Raddock (right).

Imagine my incense when I learned today that Comcast Sportsnet Chicago rookie Susannah Collins was no longer with the network.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that it actually had little to do with her “sex-y” slip of the tongue during Tuesday night’s Blackhawks pregame show on CSN Chicago.

Certainly, it didn’t help matters, because after the flub received worldwide attention, it eventually led to the discovery of a series of videos Collins did with Samantha Raddock, titled “Sports Nutz”. And let’s just say that in┬ásome of these videos, including this one in which the duo reads from the Darryl Dawkins’ autobiography “Chocolate Thunder”, they can talk about having “a tremendous amount of sex” and get away with it.

Anyway, one of the entities that apparently discovered these videos for the first time was the Blackhawks.

That’s according to Dan Bernstein, who disclosed on the “Boers And Bernstein” program on WSCR/”670 The Score” that CSN’s dismissal of Collins was at the team’s “behest… Her gaffe brought the old videos to their attention, and they wanted ties cut.”

So let me get this straight: The Blackhawks failed to do their homework efficiently on Collins’ body of work, then only after the “tremendous amount of sex” utterance rears its ugly head on their broadcast partner’s air do they decide to no longer be associated with her?

Tough luck. Don’t think that you can play God just because the dog’s been eating your homework over the last year.

I mean, Collins was so proud of her tenure at “Sports Nutz,” she listed it on her “sportscasting” bio on her own website! But if she conducts herself on-air well, as she had most recently on Showtime, then what she did in her past is a moot point, and should not be held against her just oen year into her new position at CSN Chicago.

And if the Blackhawks are really concerned about their image, how come they haven’t been quick to pull their radio broadcasts off the mighty WGN-AM? The Tribune-owned radio station has been the home of the Blackhawks since 2008 – which just so happens to be the year that then-Tribune CEO Randy Michaels reportedly received sexual favors “from a young Tribune employee” on a terrace on Tribune Tower. Michaels would also be hit with a DUI charge shortly after leaving Tribune. Yet somehow, the Blackhawks’ radio broadcasts remain on WGN. I guess it’s not who you know, it’s who you — I mean, it’s an apparent double standard in play for the Blackhawks.

I’ve reached out to Collins’ agent, Seth Mayeri, in an attempt to set up an interview, and perhaps find out what her next step will be. Personally, I think she’s got a lawsuit on her hands. I’d also like to know if she’ll resurface at one of the previous broadcasting outlets she worked at: Showtime, where she appeared on “Inside The NFL” and “Inside NASCAR”; NFL Network, where she anchored “NFL Now” updates; and the CBS O&O in New York City, WCBS-TV, where she had been sports anchor on weekends (WCBS-TV received some unwanted attention earlier this year when their news anchor, Rob Morrison, resigned after reportedly abusing his wife, another CBS employee).

Or, who knows, Collins is always welcome to join us here at SportsRants. (Incidentally, this “Sports Nutz” business comes just as the SportsRantz website this week completes a rebranding phase to the more commonly spelled “SportsRants” name; naturally, “Sports Nutz” is not affiliated with SportsRantz – or, for that matter, SportsRants.)

Collins’ faux pas on CSN Chicago is the antithesis of the start of AJ Clemente’s news anchoring career, which came to an abrupt halt after just a half-hour when KFYR in Bismarck, ND fired him. In Clemente’s case, of course, he should have known better, with the newscast just seconds away from starting.

I’m not trying to compare the two instances; my point is, Collins has an impressive resume and years of experience – and didn’t even break any FCC violations, unless it’s suddenly the year 1956 – and was still shown the door, no thanks to her “tremendous” flub.

There is a saying that when one door closes – in this case, the Blackhawks literally squeezed her out of Comcast’s hallway – another door opens. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very big door. Maybe Fox Sports, whose new national cable network is set to launch in just over three months. And there’s a heavy hiring chase for Fox Sports 1 currently underway.

Whether it be Fox Sports, ESPN, NBC Sports Network, CBS Sports Radio, or whoever, I think whoever lands the services of Susannah Collins will have – wait for it – a tremendous amount of success.

I mean it.

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