Dave Briggs Totally Crossed Out On NBC Sports Network's "The Crossover"







Michelle Beadle will be the primary host of NBC Sports Network's "The Crossover" when new episodes resume on Monday, May 20. Dave Briggs will reportedly remain with NBC.

Michelle Beadle will be the primary host of NBC Sports Network’s “The Crossover” when new episodes resume on Monday, May 20. Dave Briggs will reportedly remain with NBC.

When it debuted the week prior to Super Bowl XLVII, “The Crossover” showed promise as a staple on NBC Sports Network. Moreso due to the presence of NBC’s big acquisition, Michelle Beadle, on the program.

Her pairing with Dave Briggs, a Boston sports television veteran who had most recently been on Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends,” had to spark some chemistry in order for it to work.

In fact, upon the show’s launch,┬áits executive producer, Sam Flood, had this to say about the show’s description: “It’s about personality. It’s about people you want to spend time with. It’s the people you want to be at the bar and hang out with, and these are the two people you want to do that with.”

After less than four months, it has become clear that NBC Sports Network does not want to spend time with Dave Briggs anymore.

When the show returns from a scheduled hiatus this week, it will possess three things: “New set, new cast, better vibe.”

Translation: “The Crossover” will now be hosted solely by Beadle, with a rotation of co-hosts. Briggs, meanwhile, will still remain with NBC and is already set to embark on a new venture with the company. (Given his past on Fox News, could it be MSNBC?)

And I’m guessing it’ll cost a fraction of what ESPN laid down for their new “SportsCenter” studio, for NBCSN to invest in the “new set” and “better vibe” for “The Crossover.”

The 6 PM ET time slot in which the show airs is crowded real estate among sports-oriented cable networks. You’ve already got the early evening edition of “SportsCenter” on ESPN, Jim Rome’s broadcast on CBS Sports Network, and starting this August, the brand new Fox Sports 1’s “Football Live,” which will have a rotation of co-hosts – kinda like “Crossover” will, with Beadle being the constant.

It goes without saying that Erin Andrews will likely be appearing on “Football Live” several times a week.

I guess NBC is sharpening up its claws in the battle of the former ESPN personalities catfight with FS1.

So will Dave Briggs be missed? If this sampling of Twitter reaction during the premiere week of “The Crossover” is any indication, probably not.

5 comments on “Dave Briggs Totally Crossed Out On NBC Sports Network's "The Crossover"

  1. Pat says:

    Dave – I like you him a lot but he made one big mistake – leaving FOX to go to NBC = really bad move. Hope he get something else soon because I really think he is good and NBC didn’t give him much time to adjust. He should have stayed with FOX (if that was an option). He was the only reason I would ever watch NBC. Please send me an email when Dave gets a new spot. Doesn’t he have a contract!!!!!

    A fan from Fox and Friends weekend!!

  2. Cara says:

    Can`t help but think that Dave must be regretting leaving a successful show on Fox for an uncertain future on a low rated sports channel.

  3. Laura Strobl says:

    FOX and FRIENDS WEEKEND is NOT The same since Dave Left!! The chemistry between Dave, Allie and Clayton WERE PERFECT!! IT is so disappointing now. I like Tucker, But It was so much better with DAVE!! COME BACK PLEASE!!

  4. Karen says:

    Beadle is a “know-it-all”. She is so annoying. Dave would actually listen and was knowledgeable.

  5. Mark walker says:

    Sorry folks – Michelle Beadle is just too coarse! Her demeanor is that have a local bar flussie with poor taste in style of dress for her figure. NBC Sports could have done better with the whole show.

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