A Ringing Endorsement For Warren Sapp







NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp will be inducted into the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Ring of Honor on Monday, November 11. Sapp played defenstive tackle for the Bucs for nine seasons.

NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp will be inducted into the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Ring of Honor on Monday, November 11. Sapp played defensive tackle for the Bucs for nine seasons.

2013 is turning out to be a banner year for Warren Sapp.

And a welcome one, considering the hellish 2012 he’s endured.

Just three months after he was voted into this year’s class of Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees, the team that made his NFL career possible, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who drafted him 12th overall in 1995, is inducting him into their Ring of Honor – a ring whose occupants will actually double, with the late Lee Roy Selmon being its lone inductee (2009).

Sapp will have his number 99 retired during the Buccaneers’ first Monday night game since the post-Hank Williams, Jr. era abruptly began. The ceremony will take place at halftime of the Bucs’ matchup with the Miami Dolphins on November 11. Everything about this is symbolic, not only because Sapp’s alma mater was the University of Miami, but Sapp is also known to tweet “11:11 Yes Zirr” at 11:11 local time on any given day.

“Full circle for me,” Sapp, currently an NFL Network analyst, opined on “NFL Total Access” last week. “11/11, 99 in the rafters… hanging over the stadium… what can be better than that?”

One thing that doesn’t top it is the New York Jets’ current quarterback situation. During Sapp’s appearance on “Total Access” on the day of the Ring of Honor announcement, host Andrew Siciliano threw some red meat at him in the form of the circus that is Gang Green.

“I tell all my Jet fans, relax: you have a Florida boy at the helm,” Sapp said of recently drafted quarterback Geno Smith. “Don’t worry, Geno got you covered. You’re in good hands, Rich,” he added, tweaking colleague Rich Eisen.

One thing that would make this year a true blessing for Sapp is if the network extended his contract long term. You may recall around this time last year that NFLN was reportedly dropping him from their squad; obviously, that never materialized. I would think this is the perfect time for NFLN and Sapp to agree to a new deal that would give him financial security for the foreseeable future, now that his bankruptcy case is behind him. I think he’s learned his lesson for calling players “snitches” on their air.

But you know what the best thing about being inducted into the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Ring of Honor is?

Unlike the Super Bowl and national championship rings he won with the Bucs and the Miami Hurricanes, respectively, Warren Sapp can’t lose this one.

2013 NFL Schedule: The Primetime Games: Broncos, Falcons, 49ers, Giants, Patriots, Redskins Have Five Games Each







Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins will play five games in primetime this season, starting with the 2013 opener against the Philadelphia Eagles on September 9 on ESPN.

Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins will play five games in primetime this season, starting with the 2013 opener against the Philadelphia Eagles on September 9 on ESPN.

Here is the list of all the primetime games scheduled for the 2013 NFL season.

Commentary to follow… Actually, I’ll get the back-patting out of the way early: I called the Ravens/Broncos opener on September 5, and I called the Washington Redskins getting five primetime games this season, up from just one last year.

And here are the games:

Thursday, September 5 – Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Sunday, September 8 – New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, September 9 – Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins – 7:10 PM ET – ESPN

Monday, September 9 –  Houston Texans @ San Diego Chargers – 10:20 PM ET – ESPN

Thursday, September 12 – New York Jets @ New England Patriots – 8:25 PM ET – NFL Network

Sunday, September 15 – San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, September 16 – Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Thursday, September 19 – Kansas City Chiefs @ Philadelphia Eagles – 8:25 PM ET – NFL Network

Sunday, September 22 – Chicago Bears @ Pittsburgh Steelers – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, September 23 – Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Thursday, September 26 – San Francisco 49ers @ St. Louis Rams – 8:25 PM ET – NFL Network

Sunday, September 29 – New England Patriots @ Atlanta Falcoms – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, September 30 – Miami Dolphins @ New Orleans Saints – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Thursday, October 3 – Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns – 8:25 PM ET – NFL Network

Sunday, October 6 – Houston Texans @ San Francisco 49ers – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, October 7 – New York Jets @ Atlanta Falcons – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Thursday, October 10 – New York Giants @ Chicago Bears – 8:25 PM ET – NFL Network

Sunday, October 13 – Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, October 14 – Indianapolis Colts @ San Diego Chargers – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Thursday, October 17 – Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals – 8:25 PM ET – NFL Network

Sunday, October 20 – Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, October 21 – Minnesota Vikings @ New York Giants – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Thursday, October 24 – Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 8:25 PM ET – NFL Network

Sunday, October 27 – Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, October 28 – Seattle Seahawks @ St. Louis Rams – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Thursday, October 31 – Cincinnati Bengals @ Miami Dolphins – 8:25 PM ET – NFL Network

Sunday, November 3 – Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, November 4 – Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Thursday, November 7 – Washington Redskins @ Minnesota Vikings – 8:25 PM ET – NFL Network

Sunday, November 10 – Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, November 11 – Miami Dolphins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Thursday, November 14 –Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans – 8:25 PM ET – NFL Network

Sunday, November 17 – Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, November 18 – New England Patriots @ Carolina Panthers – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Thursday, November 21 – New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons – 8:25 PM ET – NFL Network

Sunday, November 24 – Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, November 25 – San Francisco 49ers @ Washington Redskins – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Thursday, November 28 (Thanksgiving) – Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens – 8:20 PM ET – NBC

Sunday, December 1 – New York Giants @ Washington Redskins – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, December 2 – New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Thursday, December 5 – Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars – 8:25 PM ET – NFL Network

Sunday, December 8 – Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, December 9 – Dallas Cowboys @ Chicago Bears – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Thursday, December 12 – San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos – 8:25 PM ET – NFL Network

Sunday, December 15 – Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, December 16 – Baltimore Ravens @ Detroit Lions – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Sunday, December 22 – New England Patriots @ Baltimore Ravens – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

Monday, December 23 – Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers – 8:40 PM ET – ESPN

Sunday, December 29 – [Teams to be determined following Week 16] – 8:30 PM ET – NBC

TEAMS WITH FIVE PRIMETIME GAMES: Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins.

TEAMS WITH FOUR PRIMETIME GAMES: Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks.

TEAMS WITH THREE PRIMETIME GAMES: Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, San Diego Chargers.

TEAMS WITH TWO PRIMETIME GAMES: Carolina Panthers, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

TEAMS WITH ONE PRIMETIME GAME: Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, Tennessee Titans.


OBSERVATIONS: So, let me get this straight: The Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl, yet the runner-up gets one more primetime game in the ensuing season than the World Champions? Explain that to me.

Also, explain to me how the NFL didn’t greenlight the Denver Broncos going to Dallas on Thanksgiving Day. This was a given when the AFC opponents for the Cowboys were released at the top of the year. Or so I thought. Now, it’s going to be a chance to pass out with tryptophan in between another Packers/Lions matinee and the Ravens hosting another Thanksgiving night game, this time against the division rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

I wonder if Peyton Manning not getting a Thanksgiving date with Tony Romo was a byproduct of the Broncos actually hosting the NFL kickoff game.

Predictably, the Eagles/Chiefs game with Andy Reid bringing a new squad into Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia is an NFL Network Thursday night affair.

Predictably, that’s the Chiefs’ lone primetime game. The Jaguars’ sole primetime tilt in 2013 is also on NFLN, as was the case last year. Ditto for the Browns and the Bills, who actually play each other on an NFLN game; the Bills and the Dolphins killed two birds with one Thursday night primetime stone last season.

Thr Dolphins improve from one primetime game last year to three this year. Same with the Vikings. The Colts go from one primetime game last season to four this season. And I’ve already told you about the Redskins’ maxing out at five games, up from one last year.

Further proof NBC loves the NFC East: The Cowboys and Giants open the “Sunday Night Football” 2013 campaign. The Cowboys will appear on “SNF” three times this year, as will the Giants. Two of the Redskins’ five night contests are on NBC; two of them will air on ESPN. Eagles? Nowhere to be found on NBC’s initial schedule. Of course, the latter half of the season allows flex scheduling, so if the Eagles are actually a good team, they’ll likely see more than just the two games (down from five last year() they’ve been scheduled this year. In other words: the Cowboys/Eagles game that was not flexed out late last season might be the last time in awhile you’ll hear Al Michaels working an Eagles game.

And for the first time in recent memory, there are no Saturday games scheduled. The Bay City Rollers will now have to find alternate ways to be preoccupied this year.

Dan Le Batard's Comments About The Steubenville Rape Case Are Highly Questionable (Audio, Transcript)







On his Miami sports radio show while discussing the Steubenville rape case, ESPN's Dan Le Batard sounded like he sympathized with the alleged athletes that committed the crime.

On his Miami sports radio show while discussing the Steubenville rape case, ESPN’s Dan Le Batard sounded like he sympathized with the alleged athletes that committed the crime.

I swear, there must be something in the water in Florida that enables the sports talk radio hosts employed in the state to go off the deep end.

In the past year alone, we’ve seen it with Sid Rosenberg, Ian Beckles, and Dan Sileo in two different markets.

We once again take our ears to South Beach, where ESPN personality Dan Le Batard is heard in afternoon drive on WAXY/”790 and 104.3 The Ticket”. Currently, he also hosts a vehicle on ESPN2 (one that his own radio show competes with at 3:30 PM) titled “Dan Le Batard Is Highly Questionable.”

Well, last Monday, as the University of Miami prepare for March Madness, and the Heat’s winning streak just keeps on going, the questionable one decided to talk about the Steubenville, OH rape case.

It sounded as if Le Batard might have been making excuses for the accused football players in that case. That’s according to Ed Berliner, a Miami-based veteran media producer who has posted four audio clips from Le Batard’s show discussing the topic.

In one clip, Le Batard argued that the players’ lives would be affected by the case, and not just the victim. Also, in a mockingly tone, he thinks that every single iota of compassion should not go to the victim. He also encouraged listeners to put “your son” in the position of the victim in this case, “and tell me what the penalty should be.”

But perhaps the lowest point came when Le Batard claimed that rape is “probably a lot more common” when there’s teenagers and binge drinking involved.

“I think it’s a lot more common. I think all of this stuff is a lot more common than you think it is.”

Dan Le Batard, rape expert.

Oy vey.

And that’s without getting into the part involving “a bunch of sheep.”

Hear the “highly questionable” Dan Le Batard Steubenville audio here. Transcripts of these clips follow. Of course, you’ll hear (and read) Le Batard make the point that the kids responsible for this crime “deserve punishment for it” – and that certainly should not be lost in all of this.

(Clip 1)

DAN LE BATARD: What I’m not absolute about is limits on my compassion. That’s what I’m not absolute about. I’ve only got so much compassion in this story, and it all has to go to one person. I’ve got a ceiling on what my compassion is, and it all has to go here; I can’t put one percentage point of it here, I can’t put a decimal point, a fraction of it over here; it all – all of it can only go here, all here, here, over here, some of this, over here, this, over here… That’s it, though. And then, it cuts off. It’s like a water spout. You turn off the fountain, and there’s no more compassion for anybody else; in fact, I don’t think – I think I’ve reached my maximum level of compassion for the day, on any thing, here, and I’m gonna give it all to her, and I can’t give it to anything or anyone else today. I’m all out.

JON WEINER: Maxed out?

LE BATARD: Reached my ceiling.

WEINER: I mean, in defense of my friend, Dan Le Batard, um, he thinks rape is really, really bad.

LE BATARD: That’s right! I’m taking that controversial stance right now, on the radio. How’s that for a straw man? And anybody who says otherwise, anybody who says ‘rape is good,’ you’re wrong, you’re a fool!

(Clip 2)

LE BATARD: We’re all in agreement, okay?


LE BATARD: We are all in agreement that rape is bad. I don’t know what people are hearing here, but we were having a conversation about how young people think a little bit differently than the older generation when it comes to sex, and I was talking specifically about how people were dressed at, ultra, 15, 16-year-old girls. And no, they don’t deserve to be raped, no matter how they’re dressed. And no, they’re not asking for it, no matter how they’re dressed. We’re all in agreement that rape is bad. The place that we don’t agree is, I don’t think that there are limits on compassion. I get all of you in the audience who are yelling at me now, screaming about, ‘No sympathy! No sympathy!’ You’re more against rape than I am, okay. Whatever. I don’t think there are limits on compassion, and to me, it wasn’t just a 16-year-old girl, to me, who deserves your compassion today. Though maybe she deserves a great deal more of it than these kids, the boys who did the wrong thing, but I also feel bad for them, and I’m not going to apologize for that, and I’m not going to throw up my hands and say, ‘Behead them! Behead them!’ That’s okay, no sympathy. If you want to do that, that’s fine, I get it. But there wasn’t just one life altered that day, and those kids made bad, criminal, dumb 16-year-old, 17-year-old decisions, and they deserve punishment for it.

WEINER: I think that’s where, yeah, and, and, and —

LE BATARD: I’m not saying they don’t! I haven’t said one time that they don’t!

WEINER: But I think that’s where you run into trouble, where they were still making – drunk as they were, they were still making decisions, and she wasn’t. She wasn’t making any decisions. I mean, that’s —

LE BATARD: Correct… And I don’t know – many of you are writing in, and I don’t know what to do with this part of it, that in Ohio, like, I – man oh man, degrees of rape? Degrees of rape… The laws in Ohio is, digits = rape. And so, that’s what was in play here… For those of you who don’t know what it is that we’re talking about, and I’m not comfortable talking with, about these parts of it, um, and it’s awful, okay, so I don’t want to minimize. Rape is rape, whether it’s digits or other parts of your body, this woman was not – this was not consensual, and so, it was rape. But it’s also something that I can see dumb 16-year-olds, 17-year-olds, doing in drunken moments without knowing, and without their parents knowing, that that comes with a one- and two-year penalty that is, that is gonna end up really affecting your life.

(Clip 3)

LE BATARD: One of your friends is having sex with a, with a girl, both of them are drunk, and all of his friends are, ten of them, perched outside the window, watching and taking pictures.

WEINER: Yeah, I’m certain that’s happened, Dan.

LE BATARD: No, but common or not common? What do you think? Because you keep, you keep moving the line on me here, with, like, ‘I’m sure it happens.’ Um, I think it’s a lot more common. I think all of this stuff is a lot more common than you, than you think it is.

(Clip 4)

LE BATARD: Instead of making it your daughter, which we can all feel that side of it. You make it your daughter? Absolutely. Give me the, give me the kid’s head, and I will cut it off myself.

WEINER: But make it your 16-year-old son –

LE BATARD: Make it your son!

WEINER: ‘Dad, we were out, we were hammered, we were drinking, we did some of the dumbest things, I can’t even explain to you what we did, and…’ Yeah, make it your son.

LE BATARD: I mean, the details are embarrassing. And what they did, what they did – let me put it to you this way, okay? You tell me, if I say to you, let’s, let’s get rid of the… very little that you know about this Steubenville case… And I simply say to you, in a fictitious story involving faceless, faceless people. Hey, Stugotz, listen to what happened: Bunch of 16- and 17-year-old athletes, got drunk, girl got drunk, girl passed out, vomited, and, bunch of guys were taking pictures of her and doing things with their hands, and, and with their mouths, taking pictures of it, and passing it, passing it around.


LE BATARD: But… (laughter) Do you think it happens very much? Do you think, like, do you think it’s, it’s an unbelievably weird behavior, given the binge drinking going on in our country among young people, and given the behavior of young men?

WEINER: I mean, I don’t want to paint a picture that it’s normal behavior, but… does it happen elsewhere? Yeah, I’m guessing it has happened elsewhere… Yes. And now, this has happened elsewhere, and they haven’t been caught, or it would have been a national story, yes.

LE BATARD: And so, the next step on that –

WEINER: Doesn’t justify.

LE BATARD: Understood, and I would say to you that it’s probably a little more common than you think, like, I, as I tell you the story, my guess is that you’d be sort of – my guess would be that most people would be like, ‘Yeah, that probably happens a good amount.’ That, that, that’s not – like, this isn’t, you’re not hearing a story about somebody, you know, having sex with, with a bunch of sheep. Like, my guess is that that kind of thing happens a good amount, where there are young people, and when there’s binge drinking. My guess is that that’s not –

WEINER: With young men making, making poor decisions.

LE BATARD: Poor criminal decisions, yes. And so, now, in the middle of that, make it your son, and tell me what the penalty should be.

Dan Sileo Was Fired By WQAM/Miami For A Half-Assed "Half Hebrew" Remark







A complaint from the Anti-Defamation League following a comment Dan Sileo made about his ability to save money because he's "half-Hebrew" was what led to WQAM in Miami to fire him.

A complaint from the Anti-Defamation League following a comment Dan Sileo made about his ability to save money because he’s “half-Hebrew” was what led WQAM in Miami to fire him.

We figured there was something objectionable that Dan Sileo said on the air on WQAM/560 before the Miami sports radio station terminated him.

The difference is, his firing from WQAM did not appear to be as swift as his displacement from his previous stop on sports radio in Tampa on WDAE/620.

According to the Miami Herald, Sileo’s fateful comment this time around came during the January 30 edition of the show – or five days before Super Bowl XLVII, where he had been broadcasting from all week on Radio Row. At some point during the interview-filled show, Sileo was commenting on news that the family of Junior Seau didn’t receive enough financial compensation after he committed suicide on May 2, when he said this:

“Hey, one thing I’m very proud of, I saved every nickel I had. That must be the half-Hebrew in me. ‘Cause I saved it… That’s part of the old culture there, man, right? That’s why when that $2.06 on that airplane got taken from me, man, I’m still pissed off at that thing.”

At that point, Dave Dwork, producing Sileo’s show from the WQAM studios in Miami, chimed in: “You’re a Jew by association.”

“Thank you, Dave,” Sileo replied.

Since none of Sileo’s podcasts were taken down by station management, I was able to clip this audio from that show:

It was that very comment that led the Anti-Defamation League to file a complaint with WQAM, urging them “to take disciplinary action” against Sileo (he had already been suspended ten days prior for going after Erin Andrews on Twitter) for the “troubling… derogatory comment” he made “with regard to saving money.”

“That was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” a source close to Sileo said to the Miami Herald’s Susan Miller Degnan.

No word if Dwork will be reprimanded for his part in the controversial exchange.

Making matters worse for Sileo, there is a large Jewish population in Miami.

Well, not to make light of his comment, but I truly do hope Dan Sileo has saved up – because I can’t imagine anyone who owns a radio, let alone a radio station, hiring him after the tumultuous year he’s had.

Did WQAM/Miami Fire Dan Sileo For His Hatred Of Heat's Harlem Shake Or Their Morning Host?







WQAM/Miami morning host Joe Rose, seen here doing the Harlem Shake during his Friday morning show, expressed disdain with now-former colleague Dan Sileo, because he didn't care for the Heat's version of the dance.

WQAM/Miami morning host Joe Rose, seen here doing the Harlem Shake during his Friday morning show, expressed disdain with now-former colleague Dan Sileo, because he didn’t care for the Heat’s version of the dance.

When last we heard from Dan Sileo, he was conducting a radio experiment: being the first radio host to use deer antler spray.

Now, he’s no longer at that radio station – and it sounds like other personnel there are relieved they no longer have to put up with his bull.

For the second time in a year, Sileo has found himself out of a job at a radio station in a major market in Florida.

The former University of Miami football player couldn’t even last a full year at Miami’s leading sports radio station, WQAM/560, which suspended him earlier this year for using social networking to bully Fox Sports’ recent acquisition, Erin Andrews.

The station hired him less than a month after he was ousted by Tampa’s WDAE/620 after referring to potential Buccaneers players as “monkeys” – right on the Bucs’ flagship radio station, no less.

So immediately, I wonder what Sileo said on the air on what would be his final show on WQAM on Friday. And here are some bullet points:

Sileo is not a big fan of the Heat’s rendition of the “Harlem Shake,” which was first uploaded the day before (he jokingly refers to the dance as the “shuffle” and even the “polka”).

He said that other franchises that won titles like the New England Patriots never did any videos (“I don’t care about crap like that”).

And he apparently called out WQAM morning host Joe Rose for what he called sweating local meteorologist Vivian Gonzalez, who does a weekly segment on Rose’s show (Sileo would refer to Rose as “Brent Musburger” on his show later that day).

So I went and heard Friday’s edition of Rose’s show, and it sounds like he’s fed up with having another host on his own station being negative about the Heat. Later on his show, Sileo countered: “Joe was high this morning when he said that I thought that team sucked, I never said that; I said they were bored.”

Rather than have you sit through six hours of podcastage (or half of that, provided WQAM hasn’t yanked Sileo’s show audio from their podcast page, like they did their website), I’ve taken bits and pieces from both shows and compiled them into a 15-minute montage:

(By the way, the first thing Sileo did on his Friday show was use some deer antler spray – so I guess it was a regular occurrence since his first foray into the stuff four weeks ago.)

Meanwhile, I attempted to contact WQAM program director Jorge Sedano during his afternoon show, but because he was broadcasting from the facilities of Fox Sports Radio in Los Angeles, he could not be reached for comment. I specifically wanted to ask him if there was any content from Sileo’s show on Friday that was questionable enough to warrant his dismissal – like his previous termination in Tampa.

It should be noted that Sileo was originally hired to do afternoon drive on WQAM; last fall, he was shifted to middays – that was right around the time the station’s current afternoon driver, Sedano, assumed PD stripes.

Oh, and the guy Sileo replaced at WQAM? Sid Rosenberg – who, since then, has been on the air at another sports radio station in Miami, WMEN. Could that be Sileo’s next destination in Florida? Or could he be thinking national? We’ll find out soon if any radio station or network is going to hire, as his Twitter bio now reads, “America’s most controversial sports talk radio host.”

America, huh? Hope he’s brought enough deer antler spray.

Chad Johnson Headbutt Scapegoat, Per Warren Sapp: "She Did It"

NFL Network analyst and author Warren Sapp claims that Evelyn Lozada was the one who headbutted her now ex-husband Chad Johnson during that infamous fight. "He's taking the rap for it," says Sapp, who added, "I am sorry this had to happen to him."

From the man who brought you “just found out who the snitch was” comes a new eyebrow-raising allegation.

Warren Sapp, promoting his memoir autobiography book about himself, “Sapp Attack,” hadn’t been having much luck lately with radio interviews promoting the vade mecum. But in print interviews, he appears to be doing well. In fact, he shows much character (even though you don’t actually hear his voice) in a chat with the weekly tabloid known as the Miami New Times, among whose columnists include Luther Campbell (yes, that one). Sapp’s rap with the magazine was done mostly to promote a “Sapp Attack” signing at a local bookstore.

When you read this piece, you’ll learn that Sapp is a Cowboys fan;he thinks the Dolphins are cursed; he says Tim Tebow is “not [good] at this level”; and he believes that Chad Johnson’s ex-wife headbutted him.

Wait, what?

That’s right. The NFL Network analyst who delivered an earth-shattering opinion on Bountygate is back with a crucial development in the bizarre Saturday night marital spat known as Headbuttgate.

Speaking to a Miami publication, of course, the Dolphins came up; and of course, given recent events, Chad Johnson’s name would be mentioned. The paper asked Sapp – who had his own reservations on his tenure with the Fish after watching his introductory press conference (“I thought to myself, ‘this isn’t good'”) – if the team “used the Evelyn Lozada fight” as means to cut him.

“Come on,” Sapp replied. “Tell me the first and last name of a brother who headbutted someone… When is the last time one of your homeboys called you and told you, ‘Let me tell you about this fight at the club last night where this guy and his girlfriend were walking by, and he turned around and headbutted the girl.’ Never… We don’t do that.

“He’s taking the rap for it,” Sapp implied of Johnson. “She did it.”

Did she? I mean, sure, it’s been a couple of weeks since that tiff between Chad Johnson (nee Ochocinco) and Evelyn Lozada (formerly Lozada-Johnson; she filed for divorce days after the altercation) took place, and there’s still no proof of whose skull landed a punch. But Sapp sounds so sure this is how it went down, he isn’t even dropping the “A” word – “allegedly” – into his thoughts.

It’s important to know that Warren was nowhere near Chad or Evelyn when their fight took place. Warren was back at home – probably that beachfront condo in Hollywood that’s about to be fumbled away to foreclosure watching the Panthers/Texans preseason game on TV that night.

When word of Johnson’s arrest came out, Sapp tweeted, “Chad did say it on “Hard Knocks” [that he was planning to get arrested].”

Doesn’t sound like someone who was a witness to the headbutting. Yet he contests that Evelyn “did it”.

“That’s a woman that is going to depend on her beauty for the rest of her life to open any door she wants to walk through, and she is going to do what to her forehead? I’m done.”

Actually, you should have been done after soliciting “the first and last name of a brother who headbutted someone.”

Submitted for your approval: Kiefer Sutherland. Three years ago, the star of “24” reportedly headbutted a fashion designer near the nightclub SubMercer in New York City. Okay, so he may not be a “brother,” but millions of people have heard of him.

And a year before the Kiefer kerfuffel, the late Amy Winehouse was said to have skullpunched a middle-aged man who was kindly attempting to hail a cab for her. As her famous song goes, she said, “no, no, no.” Now, Warren, here’s another celebrity on the giving end of a headbutting – and it’s a woman, which may support your claim that Johnson was the headbuttee on the night of August 11.

In fact, headbutting has become a worldwide phenomenon. Just a few months ago, a Labour Parliament member had delivered many punches with his head as well as his fists in a bar reserved for House of Commons members. Apparently, Eric Joyce was a bit incensed about the large number of “[expletive] Tories” congregating at the bar.

And of course, there’s Zinedine Zidane. Were you there on that July afternoon in Berlin when he did this to an Italian player, Warren? Well, were you?

You’d best hope Evelyn Lozada doesn’t get word of your allegation, Warren – of course, we first have to have evidence of who headbutted who, but if it’s confirmed that Chad Johnson was the headbutter, look out.

You think the thought of Jeremy Shockey serving Warren Sapp with a defamation of character lawsuit had QBKilla shaking in his size 15 Air Jordans.

Ochocinco Comes A-Knockin'

With flamboyant wide receiver Chad Ochocinco signing a one-year deal with the Miami Dolphins, HBO is hoping he'll add some juice to the upcoming season of "Hard Knocks." It will be his second appearance on the program in three seasons. The Cincinnati Bengals were featured on the show in 2009.

Over the weekend, rumors began to circulate about wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, who found himself a free agent after being cut by the New England Patriots following an unsuccessful season, ending up on yet another AFC East team, the Miami Dolphins.

The same Dolphins who conveniently just agreed to be featured on this season’s edition of “Hard Knocks.”

And late Monday night, both parties agreed on a one-year deal.

Even though his outrageous and unpredictable personality was bottled up for the most part in New England, and even though, production-wise, Ochocinco has yet to outperform the previous incarnation of himself – when he was playing under his given name, Chad Johnson – Ochocinco’s presence should add some much-needed sizzle to a “Hard Knocks” steak coming off of a very juicy Jets entree. (At least they decided not to settle on Jaguars steak tartar.)

And as a player, Ochocinco’s veteran presence should also make the team relevant. Just how irrelevant is the current Dolphins wide receiving corps? Monday night on “NFL Total Access,” Heath Evans referred to one of the team’s wideouts, Davone Bess, as “Devon Boss.” Ouch.

For Ochocinco, it means he will be making his second appearance on “Hard Knocks,” a production of HBO Sports and NFL Films. In 2009, the program featured the Cincinnati Bengals in what would be Ochocinco’s penultimate year with the team – he played for ten seasons with Cincinnati before signing with New England last year. The 2009 season was also the last of six seasons that he made the Pro Bowl. (To date, of course.)

While it may appear to be destiny (“It’s not destiny. It’s HBO.”) that brought Ochocinco and the Dolphins together, it does mean that the athlete, who grew up in the Miami neighborhood of Liberty City, will get an opportunity to play for the team he grew up rooting for. There’s also the possibility of Ochocinco “finishing his career in his home state,” as ESPN’s Adam Schefter suggested.

Wouldn’t that be a great ending to a colorful career? But it’s not an ending meant for HBO – more like NBC, ESPN, NFL Network, or any broadcasting entity that would benefit from his one-of-a-kind spunk. And they will line up in droves once Ochocinco calls it a career.

And so, a mere three weeks after Chad Ochocinco ties the knot with his fiance (the invite says “Chad Johnson,” but, you know), he will begin training camp with his third NFL team, the Miami Dolphins.

And with HBO’s cameras rolling film, that deal might be a match made in premium channel universe ratings heaven.