For A Good Time, Call The New York Yankees Ticket Office







A Google search for the New York Yankees ticket office returns a toll-free number that now connects to a phone sex hotline.

A Google search for the New York Yankees ticket office returns a toll-free number that now connects to a phone sex hotline.

It sounds like something out of an old “Seinfeld” episode.

But it actually happened.

A toll-free telephone number previously used by the New York Yankees for their ticket office now directs you to a phone sex hotline.

The New York Post discovered that if you Google the term “Yankees box office phone number,” the very first number that comes up is 800.913.9793 – and it’s listed as a link to the Yankees’ official website.

Meanwhile, when you click on a link on the Yankees’ website (bottom right) titled “Yankee Stadium Ticket Office,” it directs you to an “A To Z Guide” in the “T” section – yet there’s no information on tickets listed under “T”. There’s “Taxi Stand” and “Television and Radio Broadcasts” but then it goes right to “Tours Presented by MasterCard.”

There was also a previous dustup with that same telephone number back when it was fully functioning. No word on when the line was actually discontinued, but the Yankees currently have two local numbers listed (on the same page) as their “ticket office” numbers: 718.293.6000 and 212-YANKEES.

The Yankees aren’t the first sports team or figure to be unknowingly promoting a phone sex number. A phone number listed on a box of cereal modeled after then-Cincinnati Bengals wideout Chad Ochocinco potentially led some people (even kids) to dial up a sex hotline. And nearly a decade ago, the Charlotte Bobcats, in their expansion season, had a listing in the local yellow pages for basketball tickets that had been mistaken for a sex chat number.

It’s bittersweet that such a snafu was uncovered as the Yankees are mired in a 1-3 slump to start the 2013 campaign. It’s like an old “Seinfeld” episode come to life.

Video: Ian Eagle Pays Homage To Jerry Seinfeld As Brooklyn Nets Win In Overtime

YES Network announcer Ian Eagle gave a veiled shout-out to Nets fan Jerry Seinfeld after Brooklyn defeated the Detroit Pistons in overtime at Barclays Center.

During Friday night’s Brooklyn Nets home game against the Detroit Pistons, cameras showed comedian Jerry Seinfeld in the crowd.

So after Nets guard Joe Johnson hit a game-winning three-pointer to seal the victory for the team, 108-105, YES Network cameras once again showed Seinfeld, along with his wife, Jessica, in jubilation. And make no mistake, it was not a shot about nothing.

Can you catch the reference that Seinfeld fan Ian Eagle makes at 31 seconds into this video?

If the NHL lockout is ever resolved, I’d like to see YES Network pay another tribute to Seinfeld if he attends a New Jersey Devils game.

(Oh, that’s right, he’s a Kings fan, now.)