Francesa, Rome Top Inaugural Talkers Magazine "Sports Talk Heavy Hundred" List

For the first time ever, Talkers Magazine has released its list of 100 top sports radio hosts/programs. At the top of the list is WFAN/New York's Mike Francesa. He's followed by syndicated talkers Jim Rome and Dan Patrick.

For years, the talk radio trade publication Talkers Magazine has compiled a list of “the most important talk show hosts in America,” affectionately known as the “Heavy Hundred.” In latter years, it expanded into the “Talkers 250 Featuring The Heavy Hundred.” And mixed in with the usual suspects of Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern and Dr. Laura would be the occasional sports talk hosts, such as WFAN’s Mike Francesa (he’s made the list many times solo and with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo) and nationally syndicated host Jim Rome.

When the 2012 edition was released – fashionably late, I might add – there were no sports talkers to be found… but with good reason.

“In past years, Talkers Magazine has included sports talk hosts in the Talkers 250,” reads a message above the regular list of 2012 hosts. “This year, due to the massive growth in the sports talk genre, sports talk radio has earned a Heavy Hundred of its own that will be published by Talkers in the coming months.”

Never mind the fact that the talk radio genre in and of itself has expanded to the point that Talkers had to increase the number of nationwide hosts to qualify for the list, but when we’re on the verge of a huge sports radio landscape that’s just about to get even bigger, it makes sense that Talkers devotes a list to sports talkers.

And the very first edition of that list has been released this week, and the aforementioned Francesa and Rome have clinched the top two spots on the list. Dan Patrick, the former ESPN anchor who hosts his own syndicated sports program, is third.

Joining Francesa in the top five of the” Sports Talk Heavy Hundred” is another WFAN staple, Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton, in fourth place. To give you an idea of how they most recently ranked among the regular talk radio hosts: “Boomer And Carton” finished 34th last year, and actually ahead of Francesa in 38th place.

Another pair of CBS Radio sports talent rounds out the top five, with Mike Valenti and Terry Foster, hosts of the “Sports Inferno” program on WXYT/”97.1 The Ticket” in Detroit. And they’re joined by their colleagues Doug Karsch and Scott Anderson in the Top Ten, as the duo ranked ninth. In fact, WIP/Philadelphia morning host Angelo Cataldi rounds out the top ten, of which half consist of CBS Radio talent. And CBS has eight hosts/duos in the overall top twenty, with the team of “Toucher And Rich” from Boston’s 98.5 The Sports Hub in eleventh place, Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein of 670 The Score in Chicago in fifteenth, and yet another 97.1 The Ticket show, Mike Stone and Bill McAllister, finishing twentieth. In total, CBS has 27 talents in the inaugural “heavy hundred” for sports talk radio. On the other end of the spectrum, Clear Channel, one of the major American radio operators, has only four local programs on the list.

Yes, there is an ESPN sighting on the top ten, with the morning duo of Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg in sixth. And ESPN television personality Tony Kornheiser, who once upon a time hosted a national show on ESPN Radio, but currently hosts a local program on ESPN 980 in Washington, is eighth.¬†Meanwhile, midday¬†host and “SportsNation” host on ESPN television, Colin Cowherd, is 22nd, and the duo of Mike Hill and Mark Schlereth (the latter of whom is all but tapped to replace Cowherd on “SportsNation” next year) is 92nd. Meanwhile, six Fox Sports Radio programs including Patrick’s made the list. And yes, two personalities from Yahoo! Sports Radio also made the list, albeit just barely.

Other notables: Dan Sileo, who recently switched markets in Florida, is 32nd; the aforementioned Russo’s “Mad Dog Unleashed” is 39th; Don Geronimo from Sacramento’s “1140 The Fan” is 85th (not bad for a host that doesn’t talk much sports); and rounding out the entire list is none other than Joe Morgan, late of ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” booth. He’s currently hosting a daily hourlong program distributed by something called Sports USA Radio.

One glaring omission from this list: the Atlanta-based “2 Live Stews,” who were previously syndicated via the former Sporting News Radio, but still broadcast daily on “790 The Zone”.

Also noticeably absent from the list: Mike Taylor, who I think does a pretty good local sports talk show in San Antonio on “Ticket 760.”

And I’d be remissed if I didn’t ask where Kristina Chambers and Shantel Jordan from SportsRantz Radio’s “Slicks And Sticks” are on this list… maybe next year, eh, ladies?

Click here to read the full list of broadcasters on Talkers Magazine’s first annual Sports Talk Heavy Hundred.

Or, if you prefer… Here is the list of 2012 Sports Talk Heavy Hundred broadcasters in text form:

1. Mike Francesa, WFAN/CBS Radio
2. Jim Rome, Premiere/Clear Channel*
3. Dan Patrick, Fox Sports/DirecTV/The Content Factory*
4. Boomer Esiason/Craig Carton, WFAN/CBS Radio
5. Terry Foster/Mike Valenti (a.k.a. “The Sports Inferno”), WXYT-FM/CBS Radio
6. Mike Golic/Mike Greenberg, ESPN Radio*
7. John Dennis/Gerry Callahan, WEEi/Entercom**
8. Tony Kornheiser, WTEM/Red Zebra
9. Doug Karsch/Scott Anderson, WXYT-FM/CBS Radio
10. Angelo Cataldi, WIP-FM/CBS Radio
11. Fred Toettcher/Rich Shertenlieb (a.k.a. “Toucher And Rich”), WBZ-FM/CBS Radio
12. Pat O’Brien/Steve Hartman/Vic Jacobs (a.k.a. “Loose Cannons”), Fox Sports Radio*
13. Dan LeBatard, WAXY/Lincoln Financial Media
14. Mike Missanelli, WPEN/Greater Media
15. George Dunham/Craig Miller (a.k.a. “The Musers”), KTCK/Cumulus
16. Terry Boers/Dan Bernstein, WSCR/CBS Radio
17. Larry Krueger/Gary Radnich, KNBR/Cumulus
18. Steve Mason/John Ireland, KSPN/Disney/ESPN Radio
19. Kevin Calabro, KIRO/Bonneville
20. Mike Stone/Bill McAllister, WXYT-FM/CBS Radio
21. Glenn Ordway/Michael Holley, WEEI/Entercom**
22. Colin Cowherd (a.k.a. “The Herd”), ESPN Radio*
23. Carmen DeFalco/John Jurkovic/Harry Teinowitz (a.k.a. “Carmen, Jurko And Harry”), WMVP/Disney/ESPN Radio
24. Tom Tolbert, KNBR/Cumulus
25. Anthony Gargano/Glen Macnow, WIP-FM/CBS Radio
26. John Seibel/Joe Starkey/Josh Miller, KDKA-FM/CBS Radio
27. Mike Rhyner/Corby Davidson, KTCK/Cumulus
28. Jeremy Conn/Scott Garceau, WJZ-FM/CBS Radio
29. Randy Karraker/Chris Duncan/D’Marco Farr, WXOS/Hubbard
30. Dave Archer/Mike Bell, WQXI/Lincoln Financial Media
31. Paul McCaffrey/Brian Murphy, KNBR/Cumulus
32. Dan Sileo, WQAM/Beasley***
33. Mike Felger/Tony Massarotti (a.k.a. “Felger And Mazz”), WBZ-FM/CBS Radio
34. Petros Papadakis/Jason Smith (a.k.a. “Petros And Money”), Fox Sports Radio*
35. Brock Huard/Mike Salk, KIRO/Bonneville
36. Ed Norris/Steve Davis, WJZ-FM/CBS Radio
37. Mitch Levy, KJR-AM/Clear Channel
38. Dan Barriero, KFAN/Clear Channel**
39. Chris Russo (a.k.a. “Mad Dog Unleashed”), SiriusXM Satellite Radio
40. Gregg Giannotti/Jim Colony/Paul Alexander, KDKA-FM/CBS Radio
41. Paul Finebaum, WJOX/Cumulus**
42. Joe Benigno/Evan Roberts, WFAN/CBS Radio
43. Dan McNeil/Matt Spiegel, WSCR/CBS Radio
44. Ron Cook/Vinnie Richichi, KDKA-FM/CBS Radio
45. Richie Whitt/Gregg Williams (a.k.a. “RaGe”), KRLD-FM/CBS Radio
46. Josh Innes/Rich Lord, KILT-AM/CBS Radio
47. John Auville/Eric Bickel/Jason Bishop/J.P. Flaim (a.k.a. “The Junkies”), WJFK-FM/CBS Radio
48. Tony Bruno, WPEN/Greater Media*
49. Joe Rose, WQAM/Beasley
50. Doug Franz/Ron Wolfley, KTAR-AM/Bonneville
51. Marc Hochman/Jon Weiner, WAXY/Lincoln Financial Media
52. Dan Cole, KFAN/Clear Channel**
53. Darren McKee/Alfred Williams, KKFN/Lincoln Financial Media
54. Bernie Miklasz, WXOS/Hubbard
55. Adam Gold/Joe Ovies, WCMC-FM/Capitol
56. Steve Somers, WFAN/CBS Radio
57. Ryan Ruocco/Stephen A. Smith, WEPN-FM/Disney/ESPN Radio
58. Tom Waddle/Marc Silverman (a.k.a. “Waddle And Silvy”), WMVP/Disney/ESPN Radio
59. Randy Galloway (a.k.a. “Galloway And Company”), KESN/Disney/ESPN Radio
60. John Lopez/Nick Wright, KILT-AM/CBS Radio****
61. Thom Loverro/Kevin Sheehan (a.k.a. “The Sports Fix”), WTEM/Red Zebra
62. Christopher Rude/Perry Laurentino/Leo Mazzone/Sandra Golden (a.k.a. “The Rude Awakening”), WCNN/Cumulus
63. Patrick Reusse/Phil Mackey, KSTP-AM/Hubbard
64. Drew Goodman/Scott Hastings, KKFN/Lincoln Financial Media
65. Dave Grosby/Bob Stelton, KIRO/Bonneville
66. Jim Traber, WWLS-FM/Cumulus
67. Taylor Zarzour/Marc James (a.k.a. “The Drive”), WFNZ/CBS Radio
68. Mark Howard/Kevin Ingram/Frank Wycheck (a.k.a. “The Wake Up Zone”), WGFX/Cumulus
69. Bob Fescoe, KCSP/Entercom
70. Isaac Ropp/Jason Scukanec (a.k.a. “Primetime”), KFXX-AM/Entercom
71. John Canzano, KXTG-FM/Alpha
72. Aaron Goldhammer/Tony Rizzo (a.k.a. “The Really Big Show”), WKNR/Good Karma
73. Mike Mutnansky/Lou Merloni, WEEI/Entercom**
74. Kevin Kiley/Chuck Booms, WKRK-FM/CBS Radio
75. Blaine Bishop/Brent Dougherty/Clay Travis (a.k.a. “3-Hour Lunch”), WGFX/Cumulus
76. Brian Baldinger/Harry Mayes, WPEN/Greater Media
77. Lavar Arrington/Chad Dukes, WJFK-FM/Washington
78. Michael Kay/Don LaGreca, WEPN-FM/Disney/ESPN Radio
79. Andy Furman/Artrell Hawkins (a.k.a. “Daybreak”), Fox Sports Radio*
80. Norm Hitzges, KTCK/Cumulus
81. Tony Barnhart/Wes Durham/Doug Stewart/Ryan Stewart (a.k.a. “The Red Zone”), WQXI/Lincoln Financial Media
82. Steve Duemig (a.k.a. “The Big Dog”), WDAE/Clear Channel
83. Zach McCrite/Rick Venturi, WXOS/Hubbard
84. Chris McClain/Jim Celania/Colin Hoggard (a.k.a. “The Mac Attack”), WFNZ/CBS Radio
85. Don Geronimo, KHTK/CBS Radio
86. J.T. The Brick, Fox Sports Radio*
87. Max Kellerman/Marcellus Wiley, KSPN/Disney/ESPN Radio
88. Craig Shemon, Yahoo! Sports Radio*
89. Michael Barkann/Ike Reese (a.k.a. “Mike And Ike”), WIP-FM/CBS Radio
90. Jonathan Hutton/Paul Kuharsky/Chad Withrow (a.k.a. “The Midday 180”), WGFX/Cumulus
91. Lee Hamilton, XEPRS/Local Media Of America
92. Mike Hill/Mark Schlereth, ESPN Radio*
93. Rob Dibble/Amy Van Dyken (a.k.a. “Tonight”), Fox Sports Radio*
94. Brandon Tierney/Eric Davis, KGMZ/Entercom*****
95. Travis Rodgers, Yahoo! Sports Radio*
96. Steve Czaban/Andy Pollin (a.k.a. “The Sports Reporters”), WTEM/Red Zebra
97. Nick Cellini/Chris Dimino/Steak Shapiro (a.k.a. “Mayhem In The A.M.”), WQXI/Lincoln Financial Media
98. Dino Costa, SiriusXM Satellite Radio
99. Steve True/Mitch Nelles (a.k.a. “Homer And Thunder”), WAUK/Good Karma
100. Joe Morgan, Sports USA Radio*

* syndicated
** regionally syndicated
*** previously worked at WDAE/Clear Channel
**** Marc Vandermeer previously co-hosted with Lopez
***** Davis is no longer with the station